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Moon Shaped Selenite Charging Plate

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Moon Shaped Selenite Charging Plate
Selenite is perfect for cleansing & recharging both crystal jewellery & crystals a like, Selenite is one of few minerals that can remove negative energies & unblock stagnant energies, allowing your precious crystals to work their magic with & for you effortlessly.
To use, place crystal jewellery & crystals on top on the Selenite plate, (we suggest over night) this helps to recharge your pieces & amplifies their energies, it also activates your crystals & jewellery, allowing you to get the full healing benefits of your crystals & jewellery

Spirituality - Guidance - Acceptance
Selenite's powerful vibrations make it Ideal for meditation & spiritual work, Selenite allows you to connect to your higher consciousness, it calms whilst surrounding you with divine light. Similar to the moon, Selenite guides you through life’s cycles allowing you to understand and acknowledge life’s natural cycles, with acceptance and grace.
Selenite delivers mental clarity, it can calm & sooth the mind, whilst helping to stabilise erratic emotions & feelings of lack & inadequacy.
Details - 150 grams - 10mm x 15mm

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