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Emerald Meaning

The birthstone for all you May babies, Emerald the stone of inspiration and pure love, her soothing loving energies opens and nurtures the heart and the heart chakra, providing healing and vitality while teaching you compassion and unconditional love.

Emerald teaches you how to honour all that you are, it is especially helpful when harnessing self-compassion and self-acceptance, it goes deep within, gently releasing negativity and lack that might be deep-seated from years of self-doubting and judgment, allowing you to be witness to the magnificence that you truly are and allowing you to find fulfilment just by being yourself.

Emerald helps to deliver mental clarity and balance, it soothes stressors and an overactive mind, Emerald has a profound effect on the way you think, it delivers balance and rationality, which can be beneficial if your thoughts can hold you back from moving forward in your life.

Why Connect with Emeralds Magic?

Wanting to draw more love into your life? Call in your gal Emerald, she will banish and help you to let go of fears and negativity that could be blocking you from accepting and giving unconditional love, while creating positivity around the thought of pure love, allowing you to live & act from the heart and reminding you just how deserving of love you truly are.

Have life’s experiences left you with a heavy heart?? Emerald hears you loud and clear, let her nurturing loving energies give you a big old hug. She will gently pat your back while instilling hope and encouragement to help guide you onwards and upwards, heartbreak, disappointment and failures are all part of life and part of a souls journey and growth. Emerald reminds you that this too shall pass, and there’s nothing in life that you can’t overcome, one day at a time, so have faith in yourself and trust the process.

Needing to find more inner-calm? Emeralds soothing and loving energies create positive vibrations, they help you to rationalise what is truly upsetting you, allowing you to recognise where the problems might lie, while removing any blockages that are holding you back from finding your centre & balance.

How to use Emerald

Unconditional love and abundance is your birthright, but human conditioning, limiting beliefs and life itself can block us from receiving both unconditional love & abundance. Meditate with a piece of Emerald to surround yourself with her loving vibrations, let them ripple within you allowing it to flow freely within and then extend to the outer world, like a magnet it will draw both to you.

If your household or workspace could use a bit more peaceful, harmonious or loving vibes, place Emerald throughout the workspace or home, Emerald has a soothing and tranquil vibration, providing domestic bliss and harmony while allowing one to take a deep breath so to speak, bringing you back to centre and harmony.

Lady luck come at me!! Emerald like many other green gemstones are known for their ability to manifest luck and prosperity into your life. Emerald allows you to stay focused on the things you truly desire in your life and with that focus and intention become reality and manifestation. So dream big and with Emerald in your very capable hands, your dreams will become realities.