Turquoise Meaning

Turquoise Meaning

Adorn for centuries by many civilisations like the Northern Native Americans, Chinese, Aztecs, Persians and The Ancient Egyptians, Turquoise has been a talisman of kings, Indian priests, warriors, shamans and medicine men and women alike for it’s protection, wisdom, power and strengthening properties, with every region having their own colour variations and attributes ranging from the well known deep blue tones, to greens, white and yellow varieties, all embodying their unique frequencies and gifts.

Turquoise is a stone of insight on a deeper and more personal level, it enhances self-realisation and truth, allowing the beholder to identify the true causes of their own happiness or unhappiness and guides them to honour what arises as a result without judgement, just awareness and acceptance so they can learn to work with what is helpful and not so helpful for their highest good.

Turquoise is a wonderful healer and a stone of purification, it has been used by medicine men and women for centuries for it’s many healing attributes, it offers nourishment and nurturing for the entire being, promoting tranquility and well being, gifting the beholder stress relief, clarity, vitality and lifted spirits when held or worn.

Turquoise is one of those essential crystals to own for those who struggle with being down and out often in their life, it helps to stabilise mood swings and mood disorders because of its ability to sooth and comfort an overactive mind and negative thought processes that can contribute to mental distress.

Turquoise helps to protect the beholder from outside influences and negative energies, while promoting positivity and inner strength, Turquoise’s earthy stabilising energies ground and align all Chakras, delivering emotional support, inner balance and harmony within, turquoise is especially helpful to help the beholder lead more form the wisdom of ones heart and inner knowing, rather than being swayed by the options of others or guiding from the fear based limitations from ones own mind.

Turquoise encourages truthful and authentic expression and communication, it harmonises the throat charka so truth and clarity when communicating can be achieved, making it easier to connect to and express the beholders inner and deepest wisdom, without fear or judgement.

Turquoise evokes kindness, forgiveness and compassion, reminding us that all those traits must begin within us first, kindness, forgiveness and compassion must be a way of being for how we hold and treat ourselves, it allows us to honour what we perceive as good and not so good within us because all of those traits make us who we are, everything is valid and welcome, it’s all part of our wholeness and our human experience here on Earth, once we can have acceptance of that, then we can offer that same kindness, forgiveness and compassion to others and to all.