Our Story

Aloha, we’re Jay, Nat & Astro Bailey, just 2 crystal lovers doing our bit to empower and spread Aloha to each and every person who has been drawn to our creations.

House of Aloha - is an offering of everything we love, we hand make all our creations and hand pick crystals for you, our beautiful customers, for their high vibing qualities and natural beauty.

We believe in the power of energy and intention, each piece we create is designed to empower our customers, so they can acknowledge their innate & unique magic they behold, when wearing your chosen creation our wish is that it encourages you to live a beautiful life of purpose, truth and Aloha.

We only believe in promoting and doing what we love, authentically, so you will never see us following the crowd or selling something just because it’s popular or in fashion, if it doesn’t resonate with us, we can’t and won’t endorse it, so what we offer to our beautiful customers is always something that comes from our hearts, to yours.


Our truest expression of unconditional love is shared through everything we create. When you shop with us, you're shopping with confidence and trust that you're wearing the highest of quality, that's made totally with love and kindness xx