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Agate Meaning

Birthstone for Gemini and Virgo, Agates vibration is all about harmony, balance and stability. Largely recognised as one of the oldest healing crystals found, Agate enables you to connect to earth's abundant energies to align and harmonise you spiritually and emotionally, while strengthening your entire being.

If it is empowerment your searching for, well Agate is the gemstone for you, Agate encourages support and inner peace, bringing you to a place within of self-acceptance, confidence and authenticity. It helps to balance the yin/yang energies within, delivering emotional stability, courage and inner strength.

Agates soothing and calming energies soothes anger and resentment which can keep you stagnant in life, replacing negative emotions and energies with hope, courage and positivity, allowing you to move forward with confidence and self-assurance.

Why Connect with Agates Magic?

When you could use a little more TLC in life, and if you get caught up with excessive worries and overthinking, Agate has got your back. Agate will support and protect you, it helps to soothe your worries, especially if you feel scattered and uncentered, allowing you to stand firmly, aligned and unshakable while giving you a soft and gentle nudge to keep stepping forward with trust and flow.

How to use Agate

We’ve found that it is exceptionally useful for children, they resonate well with Agates soothing and soft energies, especially the little darlings that are prone to the occasional temper tantrums (Blue Lace Agate Especially).

Placing Agate in a room helps to deliver positivity and soothing vibes, this can be particularly beneficial to promote a positive workspace and environment or to harmonise the home front.

Some Nerdy Agate Info

One of Earth's eldest and most recognised gemstones Agate is a banded form of mineral Chalcedony, which is a microcrystalline variety of Quartz. They can be found in a variety of natural colours of whites, greys, browns, greens, blues and red earthy tones, but are also sold dyed to give a more vibrant and fluorescent appearance.

Agate can be found throughout the world in abundance, but was first found in Sicily. Most agates are formed in basaltic or other lava cavities of volcanic rocks and ancient lavas where hot and silica-rich waters help to form and give Agate their unique translucent banding, layers and colouring.