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Sapphire Meaning

Sapphire is one of the four true precious gemstones, alongside Emerald, Diamond and Ruby. Sapphire is related to Ruby, the presence of iron in Sapphire's mineral makeup is what separates them and what gives Sapphire it's notable rich blue colouring, but like many precious gemstones, Sapphires come in an array of different colourings.

Sapphires are known as the stone of royalty and wisdom, it was a symbol of strength and power and it has been celebrated throughout history for not only their beauty but for their gift of enlightenment and divinity. Sapphires are a stone that embodies faith and hope, it has been used in almost every religion and is considered the gem of all gems and as sacred as they come.

Sapphire's soothing, peaceful and calming energies deliver mental clarity and focus to an overactive mind. Sapphires calm and focus the mind to release and let go of unwanted thoughts, freeing you from your own inner turmoil or feelings of being stuck or trapped, whilst delivering emotional harmony allowing you to feel freedom from within.

Sapphires have been used for centuries as a protection stone and are still used today for their protective qualities, especially for the protection from negative energies that can weigh heavily on our heart and soul pulling us off our true paths. Sapphires help the beholder to acknowledge discernment from outside influences allowing truth to be witnessed and understood, dissolving illusions.

Sapphires activate the higher mind and consciousness, evoking deep self-awareness, enabling you to acknowledge all that you are with acceptance, regardless of external influences or judgement whilst encouraging self-confidence and self-assurance. Sapphire's energy allows you to know what’s true and right within you and will break through facades evoking true self-expression and confidence to be honoured, reminding you to follow your own guiding light. Sapphires embody joy and happiness making it the perfect gemstone for those needing that little extra help regaining that spark for life and what delivers the essence of true joy to them.

Sapphire's energy invites abundance and prosperity into your life, helping you to fulfil your dreams by opening doors to new opportunities, and reminding you that abundance on every level is your birthright. If you have a vision for what you want your life to look and be like, if you can imagine it, then it can be manifested, so hold that trust in divine timing and support, for what you think and believe you will create.

Sapphire’s associated with both the Third Eye and Throat Chakra, stimulating both areas of the body to promote clarity and truth, with Sapphire’s assistance tuning inwards to connect to your own innate wisdom and intuition allowing true soul alignment to occur, so then truthful communication and the courage to speak the truth and to live in an authentic way can be achieved, making it the perfect companion for those having trouble being heard and seen for all that they are in this world.