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Labradorite Meaning

Labradorite a stone of magic, she is the true catalyst for change and transformation, similar to a caterpillar that cocoons itself to become the butterfly, so too are the teachings that labradorite has to offer. She teaches you to honour your uniqueness, that the magic is always within you and you are the magic, understanding and honouring this allows success and abundance in all areas of your life possible.

Labradorite teaches you to dance to the beat of your own drum, embracing what unique magic and quirks you behold and not only to just accept them, to ROCK THEM! With billions of others residing on this planet and no one is like you, Labradorite is calling you to show us what you’re made of, quite literally.

Highly protective Labradorite powerfully protects your aura and being, especially protecting you from others tapping into and draining your own, making it highly beneficial for healers, lightworkers etc that can be prone to energy vampires and darker energies, Labradorite will not only protect your energy it will recharge it.

A stone for self-discovery and self-awareness, Labradorite can reawaken dormant parts within, its soothing energies help to banish fear and insecurities, while strengthening self-assurance, allowing the unique magic you as an individual behold to resurface and have been gifted to share and offer with the world.

Labradorite enhances intuitive abilities and psychic gifts, allowing you to channel and receive guidance with clarity, while giving you the ability to move in-between worlds, bringing forth knowledge and awareness from other realms and other times. Labradorite also assists those who offer healing via touch, it enhances pure healing from the hands onto others.

Why Connect with Labradorites Magic?

Lack of Joy got ya singing the blues?? Well, let Labradorite’s shimmery blues spark that long lost joy, it helps to dispel emotional drain and imbalance that can be associated with the responsibility of life’s daily grind, replacing it with spontaneity and a sense of wonder and adventure, reminding you that within every day, new magic can be discovered.

Need some creative inspo? Labradorite encourages the imagination with new ideas, it gently yet powerfully helps to eliminate limitations of past experiences, making space for the infinite possibilities that reside within, allowing you to access and harness the magic you behold, while providing you with self-confidence and awareness to freely create and express yourself with authenticity.