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Herkimer Diamond Meaning

Only found in Herkimer, New York, these gorgeous high vibrational Lil beauties are named after their place of origin.

Herkimer Diamond’s not to be confused with clear quartz, are generally clear but can also have black anthraxolite inclusions or water inclusions within them. Unlike diamonds that are cut into shape, the Herkimer Diamond is found as is, gorgeous and double terminated, embodying pure solid white divine light, and are the highest of vibrational crystals, perfect for increasing telepathic abilities and channelling.

Known as the stone for attunement, the Herkimer Diamond helps you to attune and adapt to any situation, even if it’s unfamiliar grounds, situations or new people, their reassuring energies work to put you at ease in these uncomfortable situations and support and guide you in the right direction.

Herkimer Diamonds help to purify and strengthen the mind, their healing vibrations help to deal with emotional and physical pains alike, they gently bring traumas within the body to the surface to be recognised and healed, allowing you to let go of unconscious fears, replacing them with understanding and acceptance so healing and inner harmony can take place.

Why Connect with Herkimer Diamond's Magic?

If you are feeling disconnected, the Herkimer Diamond delivers the balance that you need on an emotional, physical, mental and spiritual level, it unifies and balances them all to bring alignment and oneness back to self, while clearing any blockages within the aura, so positivity and balance can flow effortlessly.

Looking to enhance clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities?? Herkimer Diamonds powerful frequency amplifies spiritual energy helping you to connect and communicate with your higher spirit guides, enhancing psychic powers and abilities, enabling you to pay full attention to what the universe is trying to teach you.

If you need help kicking a toxic habit or addiction to the kerb, the Herkimer Diamond is just the sidekick you’ve been looking for. They bring awareness to what needs to be done to overcome self-limiting ways and behaviours, while guiding you to take positive and direct action to self-improvement and self-compassion through healing.

The Herkimer Diamond can also be used to access past life information to recognise blockages or resistance to spiritual growth, facilitating transformation, gentle release and surrendering of old behaviours and ways that no longer serve you to bring forward your soul's purpose.

How to use Herkimer Diamond

Being a member of the Quartz family Herkimer Diamonds are great amplifiers of the healing properties of other stones, placing a Herkimer Diamond near a small stone of any kind amplifies its energy, making them feel larger energetically and produce more of their healing energy.

Herkimer Diamond's have the ability to be programmed, they have crystal memory allowing them to accept and retain information, so they respond well to positive affirmations, programming them with positive thoughts of love, healing and positivity, so that healing energy can be drawn upon by others in its presence.

Wanting fast-acting pain relief to a particular area in the body? Place the Herkimer Diamond directly onto the affected painful area, its high vibrational currents allow light to enter the area of pain, alleviating some of the pain within minutes and relieving tension and strain in the process.

Want to experience a dream state on a much higher level? Herkimer Diamonds placed under your pillow increase your ability to dream and to achieve lucid vivid dreaming, they also help you to remember the dreams you experience once awake.