Larimar Meaning

by Natalie Bailey April 23, 2021 2 min read

Larimar Meaning Healing Properties - House of Aloha

Born of fire from volcanic activity, yet know for its Water element vibration, Larimar is only found in a small region in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, making her beauty a rare and unique type.

Known as the Dolphin stone, Larimar delivers healing powers from the Dolphins and brings forth ancient wisdom and knowledge from Atlantic times.

Connecting to the divine feminine is one of Larimars superpowers, she is nurturing and wise, enabling women to attune to their own femininity, intuition and personal power, reminding you of the goddess within, allowing you to manifest and follow your life’s purpose and callings.

Larimar allows the beholder to dig deep within, allowing you to acknowledge and release attachments and self-sabotaging behaviours that no longer serve you, while instilling a sense of self-worth and acceptance, allowing you to take control and responsibility for your life.

She’s a wonderful teacher of patience and forgiveness, Larimar encourages you to reconnect to the natural ebbs and flow of your inner tides and cycles, reminding you that everything has its purpose and timing, and to trust in that.

Clear and expressive communication is always possible with Larimar by your side, it soothes and activates the throat chakra, allowing you to communicate with truth and compassion, yet set clear boundaries when needed, teaching others and self, respect for your own needs and values. I find Larimar a must for caregivers or others that can often extend their hands out too often, Larimar brings balance back to the givers of the world.

Larimars cooling and soothing energies are particularly helpful when feelings, anger, stress or unease arises, it nurtures and soothes the emotional and physical body, while promoting deep relaxation.

Expecting and new mothers benefit tremendously from Larimars comforting energies, it helps to alleviate postpartum depression and eases any worries and doubts about becoming a mother.

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