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Topaz Meaning

A stone once only ever owned by royalty, Topaz has been admired and used by societies globally and is said to have brought good luck, prosperity and wisdom to the beholder, Topaz is found is array of colours from the pure clear light of white Topaz, the passionate and fiery pink and red varieties, to the smoky golden and brown tones of yellow and brown Topaz and one of the more rare varieties, blue Topaz, each of them beholding uniqueness and qualities that are like none other of the precious gemstone world and is partly why Topaz was exclusive to the Royal class within many societies.

It is said that Topaz’s name comes from the word topazos, a word meaning “to seek” and it embodies that such quality in all of its many varieties, be it to seek fortune or prosperity, success, wisdom or even to seek and draw the right partner into your life, Topaz has been used for centuries to help the beholder manifest and create their hearts desires.

Topaz is a wonderful healer for the emotional body, it is used to lift and inspire your spirits and enhances positive feelings about yourself by strengthening self-confidence, your sense of worth, acceptance of self and self-reliance, whilst removing fears and self-doubt that can take you off path and out of alignment of your souls essence, it helps you to witness your own abilities and gifts and reminds you that they are yours to be appreciated and worked with to bring love, joy, abundance and everything that is beautiful into your life.

Blue Topaz

A stone for mental clarity and communication, Blue Topaz unites mind, body and spirit, which allows you to make clear and honest decisions about the direction you wish to take your life, it promotes truth, expression, and the confidence to fulfil your life’s dreams and aspirations.

It replaces negativity with joy and love, evoking your authentic self to be known and recognised.

Blue Topaz activates both Third Eye and Throat Chakras, allowing you to consciously communicate your thoughts and feelings from a place of inner knowing and wisdom, encouraging you to communicate with truth and integrity.

Blue Topaz's soothing energies inspires peacefulness and inner harmony, it stimulates and nourishes the mind, providing you with clarity of thought whilst enhancing your ability to learn and think through ideas and new concepts.

Blue Topaz enhances self-confidence, whilst stimulating your creativity and freedom of expression, allowing the beholder to honour their unique gifts, allowing you to express them with self-assurance.

White Topaz

A stone of awareness and truth, White Topaz has a special gift of unlocking ones full potential, if you’re ready to discover the magic and true magnificence of all that you are. It evokes positivity and self-confidence, allowing you to see the gift in every aspect of your life, allowing you to trust the process of life and all it can potentially be.

Focus and manifestation are White Topaz’s super powers, it allows clarity of thought to guide your intentions of what you truly desire, allowing you to manifest from a place of truth and clarity, use White Topaz in times when stagnation or self-doubt are stopping you from seeing all the good and worthiness that’s within you.

If speaking from a place of truth is challenging, White Topaz amplifies self-esteem, allowing you to speak freely with self-awareness and confidence, even in confronting situations that previously were avoided.

White Topaz helps to activate the Soul Star Chakra, it surrounds your being with the purity of white light, helping to enhance your innate physic gifts and abilities, whilst connecting you deeper to the spiritual realms for guidance and awareness, awakening your inner wisdom and knowing.