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Malachite Meaning

A stone of transformation and self-realisation, Malachite strengthens your ability to take action, to create and manifest your desires and dreams from a place of authenticity. Malachite stimulates the Solar Plexus which enhances your willpower, and promotes alignment with your personal and divine will, it stimulates higher passions for life and creating, by being a powerful ally for those who feel trapped waiting for their reality to change, through allowing you to perceive your limitations and barriers, whilst enhancing your will to overcome any limitations, Malachite enhances your will and drive, enabling you to create from your soul with purpose, intension and passion.

Malachite is also known for its protective qualities, it eliminates negativity of all kinds, within and also around you, Malachite allows the beholder to take full ownership and responsibility for your ways of thinking and being, allowing you to live life to your fullest potential in alignment with your highest good, which allows true manifestation to occur.

Malachite realigns heart to mind thought process and thinking, making the beholder more conscious of the power of thoughts, it helps you to become much clearer on the impact both positive and negative thought patterns can have, and amplifies self-responsibility of those thoughts and how they are creating your very reality. Malachite is an especially useful stone when you tend to be over-critical of self and others to come from more of a heart space rather than a place of judgement and fear.

Mainly found in Africa, though some smaller deposits of Malachite can also be found in Egypt, Israel, France, Arizona and Australia, Malachite is considered a more rare gemstone these days with its popularity Increasing for not only its deep green beauty and unique patterns, but also for its high vibrational energies and qualities.

Malachite balances the Heart Chakra, it opens the heart to unconditional love and acceptance, it soothes and heals matters of the heart, allowing past hurts not only to dissolve, but become a potent catalyst for inner growth and transformation, reminding you that even through darker times, you are beyond capable of healing yourself and loving all aspects of self and others again.

Malachite evokes truth within in many ways, if you’ve suppressed feelings, thoughts and emotions for a long time, when you work with Malachite, get ready to face whatever it is you’ve been burying deep within, old patterns, past hurts and traumas, you name it, Malachite is here to bring them up so you can face them head-on and process what’s holding you back from true healing once and for all. The beauty in that, however, is to bear witness of what can’t harm you any longer, once you have the courage to finally let go of what no longer serves you. You are deserving of a beautiful and full life, let Malachite hold you whilst you surrender and get ready to receive.