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Amazonite Meaning

Amazonite the stone of truth and courage, assists you in communicating your own truth, allowing you to fully embrace and acknowledge all that you are, while moving beyond self-limiting fears and judgement.

Amazonite empowers you to discover your strengths and capabilities, while evoking the freedom of self-expression and self-discovery, allowing you to express yourself clearly and set strong boundaries with integrity, without fear of how others may perceive you.

Amazonites soft soothing and nurturing energy makes it a wonderful stone to connect with when anger, stress and irritability arises, the light shades of blue and green within Amazonite calms the storms within to deliver you inner harmony and peace, it also helps you to let go of things you might be dwelling on that you don’t have the power to change.

Why Connect with Amazonites Magic?

Amazonite is a powerhouse for amplifying self-worth and self-acceptance, in this world of not being enough, Amazonite allows you to recognise and embrace your uniqueness, to remind you that you are worthy and you are enough always in every moment.

If you find it hard to communicate authentically and truthfully, Amazonite reminds you it's time for you to be heard. Amazonite stimulates, balances and activates both the throat and heart chakras, to encourage heartfelt and truthful communication, it removes blockages within the chakras helping you to acknowledge and understand your own needs and emotions, allowing you to live in alignment with your values and beliefs.

When life is feeling overwhelming and you’ve been given more lemons than you can squeeze, then Amazonite is just what the doctor ordered. Amazonite delivers an order to the chaos and confusion that surrounds you, eliminating negativity or confusion that's throwing you off course, replacing it with understanding, hope and compassion.

How to use Amazonite

Looking to manifest your dreams into reality?? Amazonite magnifies your intentions (so be very clear of what you are wishing for) by working through the throat chakra and speaking of your desires, it can powerfully enhance the ability to bring your wishes into reality.

Hold on to Amazonite with both hands in times of stress or uncertainty, Amazonite is a wonderful support stone, it soothes emotions and helps to combat the feelings of emptiness and loneliness, wearing Amazonite during these times helps to bring reassurance, hope and trust back to the wearer.

Placing a piece of Amazonite within your workplace helps to dispel negative energies and hostility within the environment, it can also be helpful if computers, cell phones and microwaves are present, Amazonite blocks geopathic stress and protects against electromagnetic pollutions that those devices cause.