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Aquamarine Meaning

Birthstone for March babies, ease and grace is the absolute embodiment of Aquamarines beautiful energies, that gently delivers rejuvenation and renewal to the entire mind, body and soul.

Aquamarine properties capitulate the healing powers of ancient waters and just like the sea, Aquamarine evokes the cleansing, soothing and calming energies of the ocean, believed to be treasures of the mermaids, it inspires fearlessness, trust and happiness.

Aquamarines gentle and soothing energy allows you to let go of old ways that no longer serve you, it instils self-compassion, love and understanding, while allowing emotions to re-balance guiding you to move forward in life with self-confidence and assurance.

Aquamarine gently brings your emotional patterns to the surface for release and empowers you to take charge and responsibility for your life, it offers emotional support when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life changes, and helps you to release emotional issues from the past that have been holding you back from moving forward in your life.

Why Connect with Aquamarines Magic?

If you need to go with the flow more, and trust life processes Aquamarine delivers you a good helping of Vitamin Sea, wearing it reminds you to ride the waves in life, that nothing in life is permanent and this too shall pass.

The thought of speaking in public scares you? With Aquamarine by your side speaking out loud will become second nature, perfect for teachers, presenters and actors alike. Aquamarine allows you to speak with clarity, conviction and truth, by gently stimulating the throat chakra to allow fear of speaking to dissolve, replacing it with courage and self-expression.

If you’re resistant to change and the thought of the unknown is too overwhelming, Aquamarines soft vibrations soothe and reassure you through life’s transitions and changes, it releases emotional attachments to past experiences and hurts to allow you to step forward in life with confidence and faith.

For all us sensitive souls out there, Aquamarine can attune to your own emotions and feelings, it helps to rid the feelings of turmoil and self-doubt within which can hinder many of us to step forward in life with confidence, offering peace and tranquillity.

How to use Aquamarine

Want to harmonise and deliver tranquillity to your daily life? Look no further, Aquamarine cuts through tensions and stressors, it fills your aura with tranquillity and positivity, allowing you to face the day ahead with confidence and reassurance.

Aquamarine is a Water element stone, known for its soothing and cooling abilities, be it cooling down heat and inflammation within the body or cooling down tempers and emotions, keeping a piece with you or placing it directly on the affected areas of the body delivers soothing, cooling and healing vibrations to bring balance back in order.

The throat chakra is the voice of the body, if blocked or out of balance it can affect the entire chakra system, Aquamarine is a powerhouse for stimulating and balancing the throat chakra. It empowers you to express your inner-knowing, enabling you to communicate your own beliefs with self-confidence and truth.