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Peridot Meaning

Peridot has been treasured since the ancient times being first mined by Ancient Egyptians on an island located in the Red Sea, Ancient Egyptians cherished this gemstone so much, they kept the island a secret for as long as they could, they knew they had something special when it came to Peridot even over 3000 years ago

Peridot is one of the few gemstones that is found in only one colour, It is an idiochromatic gem, which means instead of getting its colour from other impurities, it gets its natural colour from the chemical structure within the gem itself, the intensity of the green depends on the amount of iron in the chemical structure, the more iron, the deeper the green.

Peridot in its basic form is called Olivine, which often occurs on volcanic rocks, forming in extreme heat, just like diamonds, a lot of gemstones are formed in the Earth's crust, Peridot however, is found much deeper in the Mantel region, it has been found on Meteorites & found on Mars, Today, Peridot is found in in several areas around the world from the Himalayans, Pakistan, Australia, Arizona to Hawaii, My favourite place in the world the Green Sands Beach on the Big Island in Hawaii gets its famous green colouring from from Olivine - Peridot, and its been named the “Hawaiian Diamond”

A very underrated gemstone, she holds a world of wisdom and knowledge and every time I work with her, I’m instantly reminded of all the wonder, not only within her but within myself and that is in my eyes one of Peridot's most beautiful superpowers, to remember who you are, without all the labels, without all the conditioning and the expectations of others and of self, to truly remember who you are and to acknowledge your true self is in fact the most wonderful gifts one can ever receive.

Peridot is a powerful stone for cleansing and emotional healing, it heals matters of the heart whilst releasing old baggage and self-limiting patterns of guilt, burden and self-doubt, it evokes self-responsibility, instilling confidence within yourself to understand what is for your highest good and to make life choices accordingly.

Peridot in early civilisations was associated with the Sun and its powers to amplify positivity and drive away forces of darkness, allowing the beholder to face fears within and be protected from outside influences.

Peridot helps you to trust your own inner wisdom and intuition for guidance, its frequency of infinite love and abundance enables the beholder to not only manifest and create their heart desires with the realisation of how capable you are for creating abundance on every level, happiness, health and wealth, but expand your ability to be able to receive wholeheartedly, what your heart desires, knowing you are truly worthy of all that is good and beautiful in life.

Peridot is known for its visionary qualities and guides you to understand your destiny and higher purpose, motivating growth. Peridot helps to bring necessary change to fulfil your life's purpose, it also allows you to look back at the past to find the gifts in your experiences and teaches you self-forgiveness and self-acceptance.

Why Connect with Peridots Magic?

If you’ve been trying to kick an unwanted pattern that’s been playing on repeat in your life or overcome dem old self-sabotaging ways that haven’t served your highest good…. Helloooo Peridot. With Peridot as your wing gal, one can recognise where stagnation lives within any of these areas of your life and allows movement to occur by gently yet firmly removing blockages that have left you feeling inadequate or undeserving, whilst opening your heart to receive with full gratitude and acceptance.

If transformation is where you’re at, let Peridot find your inner wings for flight. Not only does Peridot amplify self-worth, self-acknowledgement and confidence, but she also teaches you one of the most crucial aspects of any form of transformation, PATIENCE…….. In a world full of I want it all like yesterday, Peridot allows you to see the importance of every stage of transformation, that even in the yucky and uncertain parts, everything you go through allows you to grow, enabling you to unfold in your own beautiful and right timing with grace and self-compassion.

When procrastination is your go-to when you’ve got a million and one things that need to get done, let peridot motivate your path, it helps promote mental clarity, allowing you to see the bigger picture scenarios, yet encourages you to take things one step and one day at a time, so for things that seemingly seem overwhelming and that’s when procrastination usually sets in, Peridot helps you to take action and take the steps needed to overcome those I’ll do it another day kinda feels.