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Garnet Meaning

Birthstone for all you January babies, Garnet is found throughout the world and although it is typically well known as a Vibrant Red stone, it is found in many different colours and mineral makeup, each colour beholding its own special healing properties and magic.

Bursting with life force vitality, Red Garnet amplifies personal power, endurance and drive, motivating you to take action in life when needed, while providing you with the energy, vigour and stamina required to follow through.

Garnet is known to be a stone for luck and manifestation, be it love, success or reaching goals. Garnet’s high vibrational energy for good luck and positivity, helps to raise your own personal vibration and self-esteem, giving a sense of vitality and passion to the life you’re living and whatever you're pursuing.

Garnet is a stone of revitalisation, it is both energising and stabilising helping to bring order to chaos, it has been used for many years by medicine men to help overcome depression and release mental stress patterns, especially in times of crisis. Garnet instils hope when it feels like all hope has been lost, delivering courage and inner strength to assist throughout the process.

Why Connect with Garnets Magic?

Garnet is an excellent stone for manifestation, it assists in grounding your dreams into reality, bringing abundance, prosperity, realisation and purpose. Garnet enables the manifestation of your own life’s purposes, it gently digs deep within to unlock your unique creativity and gifts, allowing you to utilise these unique gifts to step forward with confidence on your own life path. Garnet assists in strengthening confidence, self-esteem, personal magnetism and inner strength, while boosting positive thoughts and eliminating negative and self-sabotaging thought patterns and actions.

A powerful stone to help stimulate, cleanse and purify the base chakra, Garnet allows you to rediscover passion, love and sexuality, it helps you to find your bedroom Mojo when lost, enhancing Kundalini energy and sexual potency, while alleviating emotional disharmony and fears that can block or unbalance the base chakra from flowing with energy and vitality.

Commitment, not your strength?? Garnet is also known as a stone for commitment, be it to yourself and your purpose and desires or to others, Garnet’s loving energy amplifies devotion and understanding, while balancing and aligning the emotional and intellectual bodies and removing inhibitions, opening the heart to give and receive without agendas.

How to use Garnet

If you’re feeling disconnected from the here and now, Garnet’s powerful grounding energies allows you to stay connected to the present moment, connecting with Garnet in those times of disconnection, lack, or living too far in the future moments, rebalances the energy flow within, amplifying joy and vitality for the present moment.

If you have fear of travelling, Garnet is like a positive red shield of protection and positive energy surrounding you, it is an ideal stone to carry while travelling, especially on land. It strengthens your aura and helps to repel negative energies that you could potentially be in contact with while on your travels, delivering you peace of mind and a sense of security.

Need a gentle yet firm kick to get a job done?? Garnet is just the stone for the job, it re-energises and delivers motivation and drive when needed, it helps to dissolve self-limiting behaviours or patterns that have kept you stuck or stagnant, it releases obsolete ideas that no longer serve you, replacing them with self-confidence, conviction and self-esteem to keep on keeping on, especially when fear or doubt raises its naughty little head.