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Citrine Meaning

Citrine the stone for manifestation and happiness, it helps to attract success, wealth and abundance, it builds up personal will and energy that is needed to manifest your ideas into reality.

Citrine is like a little ray of sunshine in your life, it fills your aura with positive energies which like a magnet draws more positivity and happiness to the beholder, making it a wonderful stone to connect with to repel negativity, insecurities and self-doubt.

Citrine inspires motivation and drive, it is thought to carry the power and warmth of the sun, its energising vibrations sparks a zest and joy for the life that you’re living, by stimulating the Solar Plexus, allowing you to tap into your creativity, while delivering life force energy to the Solar Plexus and gently removing blockages.

Unlike the majority of crystals that need energy clearing or cleaning, Citrine absorbs, changes and transmutes negative energies to positive energies, making Citrine a powerful protective crystal to wear or hold for constant protection or for any environment to clear negativity.

Citrine is an exceptional stone to raise your personal vibration, self-confidence and self-esteem, it inspires courage and self-expression, allowing you to live your life with purpose and enthusiasm. Citrine teaches you to live more light-hearted, to not take things so personally, rather view constructive criticism with optimism and a chance to understand more of yourself and your characteristics.

Citrine’s bright and vibrant energy can be used if you’re prone to depression and feelings of unworthiness, its positive energies shine a light on the darkness, it stimulates the mind making you more aware of self-limiting repetitive thoughts that can keep you feeling stuck, while reminding you that love and joy is your true nature.

Citrine is all about abundance, if you feel you’re undeserving of abundance Citrine will help you to overcome feelings of unworthiness, abundance can only occur if you’re in a place to receive it with an open heart.