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Carnelian Meaning

A stone of courage, passion and drive, Carnelian is an essential crystal to add to your tool kit, be it overcoming procrastination or finding your lost inspiration or mojo for life, Carnelian’s highly grounding, stabilising, bold and warming energies helps to restore vitality and motivation to help rebuild your confidence, courage and personal power.

Carnelian is a wonderful stone for helping you to let go of self-doubt, it allows you to trust in yourself once again by eliminating negative conditioning and fear-based behaviours, whilst encouraging you to stop waiting for your dreams to come true and go make them happen with self-confidence and determination.

If you are looking for a crystal to allow your creative juices to flow, Carnelian is calling, if writing, dancing, painting or arts of any form are stirring your heartstrings, Carnelian allows you to fully delve into the infinite possibilities of your creative magic, it will evoke your truest creative expression of self.

In ancient Egyptian times, Carnelian was referred to as the “setting sun” for all the variations of orange, red and pink tones formed within Carnelian, it also held a strong connection to Isis, the Mother Goddess of Egypt. With the colours connecting us to the fertile colours of the blood that stimulates fertility and pregnancy and it is still to this very day an essential crystal when dealing with healing matters of fertility and conception.

Carnelian stimulates and balances the Sacral Chakra, which is also known as the energy centre within your body, where your life force energy flows and governs those gut feelings, also known as your intuition. Carnelian allows the beholder to connect and strengthen those gut feelings, allowing you to acknowledge and tune in to those finer details of your innate knowing and inner wisdom. Carnelian’s deep red tones also heal the Root Chakra, providing you with a sense of security, whilst reconnecting you to your own personal desires and will, allowing you to live more fully with independence, trust and acceptance.

If speaking with confidence and truth is challenging at times, let Carnelian strengthen your voice and words with authenticity. Carnelian’s bold energies help to combat fears of self-expression, allowing you to communicate fearlessly with truth and conviction, it is also a wonderful companion for those who use their voice in their profession, signers, actors and public speakers.