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Ruby Meaning

A stone of royalty and wisdom, Rubies are one of four precious gemstones found, known for their rarity, value and hardness, they have been adorned for centuries in many civilisations for their beauty and many metaphysical healing properties.

A powerful grounding stone, delivering the beholder with a sense of peace, self-confidence and stability, Rubies protect from negativity of all kinds and promote overall wellness and positivity.

Rubies spark your zest for life, it actively stimulates the base chakra to deliver vitality and life force energy, while encouraging you to live fearlessly and boldly from your heart, allowing you to pursue your hearts desires and passions.

Tapping into your creativity is one of Rubies superpowers, it allows you to bear witness to the magnificence that you are, to recognise and utilise your own unique and special strengths and capabilities.

Why Connect with Rubies Magic?

Rubies fiery energies are for the courageous among us, Rubies are all about moving forward with confidence in your life, goodbye stagnation and procrastination, hellooo ACTION, Ruby gently yet firmly nudges you to keep on keeping on, making Ruby a powerful alley when you’ve got big dreams to chase.

When Love is all you need, Rubies strengthening energies energise and harmonise the heart chakra, allowing blockages and past hurt to gently dissolve, promoting and enhancing self-love, allowing you to give and receive love more openly and genuinely, for those looking for love, Ruby instils a sense of self-worth, enabling you to manifest a love you’re deserving of.

A stone for when life gets too exhausting to adult, Oh Oh I’ve got stamina, so says Rubies, they rejuvenate and deliver stamina when needed, making it a wonderful stone to have for those who tend to have too much on their plate or are prone to adrenal exhaustion. Ruby balances and restores a weary mind, body and soul. Rubies remind you to be in the here and now state of mind, to live life for the present day, it helps you to engage more in your human life and experiences and honour the life you’re living.

Lost that spark for life?? Let Ruby’s Lil pocket rocket energies recharge and revitalise your entire being, she will enliven and rejuvenate you, replacing feelings of boredom and dullness with enthusiasm and vitality, Ruby’s will encourage you to live your life to the fullest. Fear and doubt are what holts us as humans, but with Ruby as your guide you will be encouraged to not only face those fears and doubts but rise so far above them that literally, you can become unstoppable and unshakeable.