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Apatite Meaning

A powerful stone for manifesting dreams into reality, Apatite stimulates your intellect and encourages creativity, while removing negativity and self-doubt, allowing you to come forth with your unique gifts and create from your inner wisdom and guidance.

A stone of self-acceptance, Apatite enhances your honour of self, allowing you to accept yourself exactly as you are, whole complete and enough always, aligning you to your truth, enabling you to see exactly who you are, the authentic you.

Apatite strengthens courage and confidence while soothing stresses and worries, it evokes positivity in situations of crisis and enhances self-capability and worth. Apatite allows you to dive deep into your inner being, allowing you to reflect on yourself, providing you with inner awareness, clarity and self-insight.

Apatite encourages healthy and positive internal dialogue, it is a wonderful reminder that where you put your thinking, energy and intentions, those areas will grow and flourish, be it positive or negative, you are a master manifestor, and are creating your own world from the inside out.

Why Connect with Apatites Magic?

Has Adulting becomes overwhelming??? Being overwhelmed generally starts within our own mind by overthinking and negative thought patterns and behaviours, call on Apatite to calm the storm within, it will help to remove the confusion and self-sabotage that holds you back from your true potential and capabilities.

If being self-conscious has held you back in life, Apatite reawakens your personal insight, providing you with clarity and openness, it gently removes any feelings of lack, guilt or inadequacy, while helping you to understand and express yourself with self-confidence, without fear of judgement and expectations.

Apatite is an exceptional crystal for those who find it hard to communicate, it helps to balance and stimulate the throat chakra, gently removing blockages that can hold you back from freely expressing yourself. Once the throat chakra comes to balance, communicating your own truths, beliefs and ideas will flow effortlessly, enhancing self-expression.

How to use Apatite

When pursuing goals and aspirations, you’d want to have Apatite as your sidekick. It enhances motivation and self-confidence, allowing you to keep stepping forward on your pursuits, while removing negativity and self-doubt, allowing success and manifestation a reality.

One of the greatest teachers of self-awareness, if you are unsure of who you are and what you’ve been put on this big planet to do, then Apatite needs to be in your crystal first aid kit. She knows that without fully understanding yourself that doors won’t open and life won’t flow effortlessly.

Your birthright is abundance on every level, Apatite will support you through knowing yourself and manifesting your life’s purpose.

Looking to deepen or develop your psychic abilities and strengths? Wearing or holding Apatite especially in times of mediation or spiritual work offers you the gift of clairvoyance and spiritual awakening. Apatite powerfully activates and strengthens your third eye chakra, allowing you to unlock your highest visions and intuition, allowing you to receive messages guidance and visions with clarity.