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Moonstone Meaning

Birthstone for June babies, Moonstone is a stone for protection and nurturing, its soft feminine energies soothe emotional stressors and anxiety, replacing them with hope, calm and encouragement.

A strong healer of the emotional body Moonstone encourages emotional stability, allowing you to release and let go of things that don’t serve you anymore.

Moonstone teaches you to trust in the natural flow and rhythm of your life, what is yours will always be yours, so trust that you’re always provided for, without having to push or force anything in life.

Moonstone’s empowering frequency gently reminds you to examine and think about the cycles in your life. Every moon cycle offers us the opportunity to observe the changes in our relationships, and to move higher on our spiritual journey, each passing moon cycle we are learning more about ourselves, gaining inner wisdom and self-awareness, while releasing and letting go of that in which we don’t need anymore.

Why Connect with Moonstone Magic?

Well, who can’t do with a little emotional balance and support in this day and age??

Moonstone is like a big bear hug, gently yet effectively allowing you to surrender and just be, providing you with a safe space for emotional release, healing and balancing.

If you feel unstable, Moonstone helps you to find your groove and flow again, its soothing vibrations deliver healing and trust, allowing you to declutter from negative self-limiting ways and distractions, instilling self-confidence and the ability to fully receive.

If you find it hard to just go with the flow and trust your inner wisdom and intuition, Moonstones your stone, her feminine and soft vibrations remind you to be in the present moment and it is ok to take a moment, that in stillness and being centred is when you can tap into your inner knowledge and wisdom for the answers you seek, rather than always looking outside of self for answers.

Moonstone opens and stimulates the heart chakra, while evoking balance and harmony, allowing you to get in touch with your own inner feelings to gain a greater insight into what you’re truly made of, allowing you to fully appreciate and honour all the magic within.

How to use Moonstone

For emotional healing and release for you and others, try holding a piece of Moonstone and empowering it with loving vibrations, use it for your own healing, or give it to someone who is going through difficult times emotionally to provide comforting and nurturing energies.

Moonstone is nourishment for the female reproductive system, it harmonises the endocrine system making it effective in enhancing fertility, providing support during menstruation and change of life and easing issues during pregnancy and childbirth.

Moonstone is a highly receptive stone that is known to draw in love, wearing or carrying Moonstone can help bring more love into your life, it is very receptive and acknowledges the beholder's feelings, emotions and needs, which can be used for personal healing.