Lil Chief & Star Girl

Lil Chief & Star Girl is here to Ignite Magic and Purpose within the Lil folk of the world with our empowerment jewellery ranges and healing crystals.

Children are highly receptive to the healing powers and wonder that crystals embody, making it even more beneficial for kids to connect with, the younger the better I say, when everything around them is still alive and magical, what parent out there wouldn’t want more inspired, creative and empowered children, and crystals have that exact magic to ignite their magic within.

This is why we use high vibrational healing crystals in everything we create.

Each piece is created with intention and purpose and an enormous amount of Love & Magic to deliver healing and self-awareness, we are all unique and each of us has something special to offer the world, by understanding this at a young age evokes confidence within and an unshakable knowing of self, making following their own unique path and purpose that much easier.

Why We Love The Lil Folk of the Universe

For me, I believe they are a constant reminder to us that we are made of magic, that everything and anything is possible if you truly believe in yourself, without society’s self-limiting negativity telling us otherwise, that if we truly stop, feel and listen to what they are saying, they are our greatest teaches.

Our Purpose and Vision

Essentially we hope to ignite self-belief in every magical soul we come across, to empower and raise them up as high as they want to go, by honouring and fully embracing and understanding the magnificence that already resides within them, with a little crystal magic to help the process.

You are here to shine and sprinkle your unique magic, step into your power and truth, we feel that if you learn at a young age that you were not placed here to be mediocre, ordinary or the same as everyone else you were born to shine baby shine.