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you have purpose healing anklet

You have purpose Empowerment Anklet

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You have purpose

You were put here on earth in this very moment of time with a purpose, a purpose to unveil that only you can.

There might be times when you feel Irrelevant or Insignificant, but You Have Purpose, it’s time to reawaken & share your unique magic.


Spiritual Guidance - Self Awareness - Clarity

Iolite the stone of the Sharman, Iolite heightens & expands your psychic abilities & guides you gently through spiritual exploration. It’s a powerful activator of the third eye, opening &allowing true vision & intuitive abilities.

Iolite releases discord within relationships, whilst encouraging you to take full responsibility & ownership of your life and not depend on others for validation of who you are & what you’re wanting in you life.

Iolite helps to calm & balance an active mind, brining it back to a state of focus & clearer thinking, it’s ideal for writers, teachers or anyone involved in public speaking, it improves self-expression, clarity & enhances the ability to find the right words.


Transformation - Protection - Self Belief

Labradorite a stone of magic, she is the true catalyst for change and transformation, similar to a caterpillar that cocoons itself to become the butterfly, so too are the teachings that labradorite has to offer.

She teaches you to honour your uniqueness, that the magic is always within you and you are the magic, understanding and honouring this allows success and abundance in all areas of your life possible.

labradorite has the ability to reawaken dormant parts within, allowing what magic you behold to resurface & share it with the world.


Self Awakening - Authenticity - Spirituality

Tanzanite a stone of awakening & truth, it stimulates throat, third eye & crown chakras, enabling you to connect to higher consciousness that reawakens & activates your own spirituality, urging you to evoke the best version of self, with authenticity and truth.

Tanzanite encourages transformation, it guides you to let go of old limiting ways, allowing you to move forward in life with optimism & conviction, whilst manifesting what’s truly needed in your life for further evolvement.

Details - 2mm Matte Clear Quartz Beads, 4mm Labradorite Bead, 4mm Faceted Iolite Beads, 3mm Faceted Tanzanite Beads, 2.5mm Sterling Silver Beads & Sterling Silver Findings.

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