Topaz Ladies Birthstone Bracelet

Blue Topaz

Self Confidence - Intuition - Inner Peace

A stone for mental clarity & communication, Blue Topaz unites mind, body & spirit, which allows you to make clear & honest decisions about the direction you wish to take your life. It replaces negativity with joy & love, evoking your authentic self to be known & recognised. 

Blue Topaz activates both third eye & throat chakras, allowing you to consciously communicate your thoughts & feelings from a place of Inner knowing & wisdom, encouraging you to communicate with truth & integrity.

Blue Topaz's soothing energies Inspires peacefulness & Inner harmony, it stimulates & nourishes the mind, providing you with clarity of thought whilst enhancing your ability to learn & think through Ideas & new concepts. 

Blue Topaz enhances self confidence, whilst stimulating your creativity & freedom of expression, allowing the beholder to honour their unique gifts, allowing you to express them with self assurance.

Details - 2mm Matte Clear Quartz Beads, 4mm Blue Topaz Bead, 2.5mm Sterling silver beads and Sterling silver findings.

Bracelet Size