Throat Chakra Bracelet
 Throat Chakra Bracelet for healing
 Throat Chakra crystal Bracelet
 Throat Chakra healing Bracelet

Throat Chakra Bracelet

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Throat Chakra

Located - Centre of the neck

The throat chakra communicates and mediates all emotions and feelings, transforming them into expressions such as laughter or crying, here lies the voice to your personal truths and expressions.

When Balanced

You can communicate freely, expressively and honestly and will have complete trust in your intuition and inner voice.

When Overactive

You can fear silence, have the need to always interrupt others, or dominate conversations with louder voices.

When Underactive

You might find it hard to express your emotions, or struggle for words when trying to express your truth with a fear of rejection or judgement.


The stone of courage, expression and speaking truth, helps you to express yourself and your feelings truthfully and open heartily, it helps to align your words with your ideas, feelings and emotions whilst removing fear and judgement.

Learn more about the meaning and healing properties of Amazonite


I communicated clearly, honestly and i can express my truths and feelings without fear or judgement.

Wear Me For

  • Clear communication
  • Expression of your truth
  • Connecting to your true feelings


  • 4mm Amazonite Beads
  • 4mm Natural Wood Beads
  • Pyrite Rondelles
  • Sterling Silver Findings

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