Shungite & Palo Santo Unisex Bracelet For Protection

Shungite & Palo Santo Unisex Bracelet For Protection 


Protection - Grounding - Purifying 

Embodied with earths abundant energy, Shungite delivers grounding and stability, it stimulates and balances the root and base chakra that provides you with a sense of steadiness and protection.

One of the strongest mineral healers, Shungite is know for it's ability to remove and neutralise negativity and toxicity, be it around you in the form of electromagnetic fields from electronic devices or a negative environment, or within, anxiety, holding onto guilt, negativity or old limiting thought and behaviours, Shungite helps to eliminate all forms or negativity, delivering purification and raised vibrations.

Palo Santo

Calming - Cleansing - Raising Vibration

Also known as holy wood, native to Peru and other parts in South America, it is known for it's cleansing & healing properties, keeping energies clear & grounded. It up-lifts & helps to raise your vibration, whilst calming the nervous system delivering relief from stress, anxiety, depression & emotional stresses. Our Palo Santo Beads are sourced ethically from Peru, from trees that have fallen by natural causes and aren't Chemically treated, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure quality & fair trade.

Details - 6mm Natural Palo Santo Beads, 3mm Faceted Pyrite Rondelles, 8mm Shungite Bead and Sterling SIlver Findings.

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