Scorpio Zodiac healing Bracelet for ladies
Scorpio Zodiac Bracelet for ladies
Scorpio Zodiac  crystal healing Bracelet for ladies
Scorpio Zodiac crystal Bracelet for ladies

Scorpio Zodiac Bracelet

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October 23 - November 21

Ruled by Pluto, that governs both regeneration and transformation, with Water as your element your intuition is strong, as too are your emotions. You are charismatic, passionate and curious by nature, with a strong sense of self which gives you the ambition and drive to manifest your hearts desires.

Scorpio’s have a seemingly tough and hardened exterior, but your emotions run deep and intense, which can change instantaneously, reflecting your element, Water and it’s ever changing conditions and instability.

Sodalite, Tiger's Eye and Citrine, combined help to ground and protect your energy and stabilise a Scorpio’s emotions, inviting abundance, joy and balance.

Citrine • Joy • Abundance • Manifestation

Sodalite • Emotional Balance • Mental Clarity • Positivity

Tigers Eye • Protection • Grounding • Stabling

Affirmation - I embrace the present moment and all the lessons it’s gifting me.


  • 6mm Citrine Bead
  • 4mm Sodalite Beads
  • 4mm Tiger's Eye Beads
  • 2mm Hematite Beads
  • Sterling Silver Findings

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