Pearl & Cowrie Shell Pendant Necklace

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    Self Love - Purity - Trusting The Process Of Life

     Purity & Innocence is the true essence of the Pearl, it has a highly protective energy that delivers a sense of security & acceptance, whilst grounding you in times of uncertainty & Chaos,

    Pearls pure and calming energies helps to balance emotions, it opens your heart & mind to help you find your heart's purpose in life, cultivating your own inner wisdom and integrity.

    The Pearl teaches you what unconditional love truly means, by deepening your sense of self love, allowing you to give love more freely to self and then to others from a space of selflessness and compassion.

    Cowrie Shell

    In African legend, The Cowrie Shell Represents goddess protection, which is extremely powerful and renowned and is connected with the strength & power of the Ocean. The Cowrie Shell symbolises wealth & fertility & hold a strong connection to femininity, known as the giver of life they honour every cycle of a women's life.

    Details - 7mm Pearl, Cowrie Shell, Sterling Silver Hammered Ring Pendant on a Sterling Silver Snake Chain.