Own It! eBook

From naughty cake maker to whole and raw food creator!

Author: Natalie Ruggeri
Format: eBook
Length: 225 pages

Also available Own It! Kindle Edition

My weight loss through wellness journey that made me 75kgs lighter. Join me as I take you on a weight loss through wellness journey and show you how whole and raw foods will change your life forever.

This journey is all about YOU!!

Inside this book are recipe creations created for health and wellness, a non-diet approach way to look at food, getting back to basics and stepping away from the pre-packaged, chemical ridden nutrient poor foods we consume!

Along the way I'm sharing my views on weight loss and how much BS we've been fed by the diet industry that's keeping us unhealthy and sick!

After being on and off diets since the age of 11 years old, I stopped trying to find that perfect diet to fix me and I started to "OWN" my life, my actions, and behaviours.