Natural Wood Chakra Bracelet

  • Chakras are the centres in our bodies which energies flow through, if energies are blocked or overflowing in our chakras it can lead to disharmony and illness within the body, so it’s important to keep these energy systems flowing and harmonious.

    Your chakra balancing bracelet is made with semi-precious crystals that support the main chakras, bringing healing, balance and harmony to your entire body.


    I am whole, I am well, I am perfect

    Wear Me For
    • Chakra balancing
    • Healing, balance & harmony for the entire body
    • To keep energy flowing through the body
    • 4mm Clear Quartz Bead - Soul Star Chakra
    • 4mm Amethyst Bead - Crown Chakra
    • 4mm Lapis Lazuli Bead - Third Eye Chakra
    • 4mm Amazonite Bead - Throat Chakra
    • 4mm Rose Quartz Bead - Heart Chakra
    • 4mm Green Aventurine Bead - Higher Heart Chakra
    • 4mm Citrine Bead - Solar Plexus Chakra
    • 4mm Carnelian Bead - Sacral Chakra
    • 4mm Mookaite Bead - Root Chakra
    • 4mm Black Tourmaline Bead - Earth Star Chakra
    • 4mm Natural Wood Beads
    • 4mm Sterling Pyrite Rondel beads
    • Sterling Silver Findings