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Mumma to be Bracelet

Mumma to be Bracelet

Wear Me For

Self-Compassion - Unconditional Love - New Beginnings - Emotional Balance - Nurturing

  • Moonstone

    Moonstone provides emotional stability and nurturing during the ever changing stages of pregnancy, it balances hormones allowing you to trust the process and have a deeper sense of connection to your body during this time of transformation and newness.

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    Rose Quartz

    Rose Quartz fills the body and aura with loving energies, it strengthens the bond between mother and child during pregnancy and after birth, Rose Quartz eases worries and fears whilst encouraging self compassion and unconditional love and acceptance, whilst evoking patience and understanding for the new experiences ahead.

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    Unakite helps to promote a healthy pregnancy, it offers emotional harmony and balance allowing you to feel balanced whilst lifting spirits during the emotional challenges that pregnancy can hold, the combination of pink and green colours in Unakite evoke heart healing and soothing, to provide you with comfort and support.


    Chrysocolla’s soothing yet empowering feminine energies provide comfort and tranquility to support you during the physical and emotional changes experienced through pregnancy. Chrysocolla relaxes the mind and eases and relives pain experienced through labor whilst assisting in delivery process.