Men's Air Element Bracelet


Adventurous - Curious - Self Expressive

Star signs ruled by the element of Air

Aquarius - Gemini - Libra


You are fun, spontaneous and light hearted, you see life as a series of adventures and it’s ever changing, like the breeze you can’t quite catch them and it's hard to know which direction an Air sign will go.

Air signs are constantly in motion, even if you can't see it and they aren’t attached to any idea of how life should be, enabling them to live In the present moment, knowing that all there truly is is the here and now.

Communication is your gift & comes naturally to you, which often draws others in by your vast knowledge, Ideas and curiosity of life's wonder & mysteries.


Independent - Witty - Carefree


Inconsistent - Scattered - Unpredictable

Clear Quartz

Alignment - Positivity - Souls Purpose

Clear Quartz is a stone of power that amplifies any energy for intention, enabling you to find your ultimate potential at all stages of life, it is infused with purpose which is particularly useful if you lack direction or feel lost in life, allowing you to acknowledge the unique gifts you have to offer the world.

Clear Quartz amplifies personal energy, which can be useful in times when you need an instant lift or spark to keep on keeping on.


Intuition - Protection - Self Confidence

A strong healer of the emotional body Moonstone's protective energies encourages emotional stability, it teaches you to trust in the natural flow and rhythm of your life, what is yours will always be yours, so trust that you’re always provided for, without having to push or force anything in life.

Moonstone helps you to find your groove and flow again, it’s soothing vibrations deliver healing and trust, allowing you to declutter from negative self-limiting ways and distractions, instilling self-confidence and the ability to fully receive.

Details - 6mm Natural Wooden Beads, 6mm Polished Clear Quartz Beads, 6mm Polished Moonstone Beads, 2mm Faceted Pyrite Rondelle Beads and Sterling Silver Findings. The Elements Bracelet Comes Boxed With It's Own Meaning Card.

Bracelet Size