Mālama - Nurturing Anklet


To Nurture, Honour, Protect & Care For.

To nurture, honour and care for yourself is the highest form of self-honour & respect. Self-care cultivates wellness, self-compassion & abundance on every level.

Mālama was created to be that remind you that nurturing yourself, your thoughts, your words and your actions, is essential for harmony and balance, that you are deserving and worthy of the care you need, only after you are taking proper care of yourself, then you can freely nurture and care for others.


Soothing - Tranquillity - Emotional Balance

Soothing & protective, Amethyst healing vibrations offer you calmness, tranquillity and Inner peace, Amethyst’s supportive and strengthening vibrations help you to find freedom from you own self limning thoughts, behaviours & patterns, gently

easing the mind of worries and stressors whilst delivering balance & harmony to the entire mind, body and spirit. Amethyst purifies and cleanses your energy field, allowing positivity to reside within and all around you.


Unconditional Love - Heart Healing - Self-Confidence

A stone of compassion and heart healing, Rhodonite balances and stimulates the heart chakra, allowing you to release and let go of things that no longer serve you, replacing them with unconditional love and self-acceptance.

Rhodonite balances emotions and nurtures feelings of love, which can be helpful to release feelings of self-doubt and Inadequacies, reminding you of your magnificence and worthiness whilst amplifying self-awareness and self-confidence.

African Turquoise

Transformation - Inner Wisdom - Guidance

Facilitating change and self-development, African Turquoise gently opens your mind to the possibility of newness, whilst instilling reassurance and self-awareness. It encourages growth and self-recognition, enabling you to tap into the knowledge and wisdom you already behold, allowing positive change and transformation to facilitate from within.

African Turquoise harmonises the 3rd eye chakra, giving you the gift of insight and awareness, allowing you to delve deep within to recognise and honour your Innate Wisdom and Souls purpose.

Details - 2mm Matte Hematite Beads, 2mm Faceted Amethyst Beads, 2mm Faceted Rhodonite Beads, 2mm Round African Turquoise Beads & Sterling Silver Findings.