Malachite & Pyrite Manifestation Bracelet

Malachite & Pyrite - Bracelet for Manifestation - a powerhouse for ambition, manifestation, accomplishing goals and drive.

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  • Malachite

    Self-Belief - Motivation - Manifestation

    Malachite strengthens your ability to take action, to create and manifest your desires and dreams. Malachite enhances your own will and drive, enabling you to create from your own soul with purpose and passion, whilst allowing you to acknowledge and overcome your perceived limitations and barriers, helping you to create a life you will love.


    Creativity - Ambition - Vitality

    Pyrite is a stone of vitality and drive, it helps to boost your will power, ambition and creativity. Pyrite increases your mental clarity and focus, giving you an unstoppable and unshakable mindset towards dreams and goals you’re pursuing.