Mahalo Mumma Pack

Mahalo Mumma Pack
Mahalo Mumma Pack
Mahalo Mumma Pack

Mahalo Mumma Pack

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  • Handmade by us on the Sunshine Coast
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How do I determine my bracelet size?

Step 1: Measure your wrist just below the wrist bone, where one would normally wear a bracelet, with a flexible measuring tape or a strip of paper.

Step 2: If you are using a plain strip of paper, then measure that paper strip with a ruler to determine your wrist size.

Step 3: Add 1cm to 2cm to your wrist size, depending on whether you would like a snug, comfort, or loose fit. This is the ideal bracelet length for you.

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Mahalo Mumma Pack, a beautiful selection of goodies to give thanks and gratitude to your Mumma for all that she is and all that she does.

Pack Includes

*Mahalo Gratitude Bracelet (Please select Bracelet size)

*Small Selenite Stick 

*Small Rough Blue Apatite

*Small Polished Moonstone tumble

*Lemurian Myst From PureHeart Alchemy 


Hawaiian for giving thanks and gratitude


Pink Tourmaline

• Compassion • Self-love • Joy

Pink Tourmaline opens and balances the Heart Chakra, it delivers pure love, compassion and happiness. Pink Tourmaline’s nurturing energies enhances self-love and compassion, allowing you to release and let go of old limiting ways that no longer serve you. Pink Tourmaline allows you to rediscover your passion for life when the spark has been lost, while helping you to find courage within to live a heart-based life.


• Truth • Self-confidence • Harmony

The goddess stone for true expression, clear communication and for powerful feminine energies. Chrysocolla helps to stimulate the Throat Chakra by releasing fear-based energies to help you express your truth with clarity, while harmonising and balancing the Heart Chakra for deeper self-connection.

Chrysocolla assists in the release of anxiety, stress and other fear-based imbalances in one's body. Reducing mental tensions and dispelling fiery energies. Chrysocolla helps attune to the vibrations of the earth for greater life force and physical vitality.

Pink Opal

• Emotional Healing • Self-awareness • Nurturing

Soothing and tranquil, Pink Opal guides you to look within and strengthen your connection to self, it’s self-healing and activates and unlocks the Heart Chakra.

The stone for emotional healing, emotional balance, and healing matters of the heart, Pink Opal fills your aura with peaceful energies, while delivering calm and harmony to your entire mind, body and soul.

Pink Opal is also useful when you need to let go of things that no longer serve you, giving you insight and guidance into ways to enhance your emotional, spiritual and intuitive self.


• Nurturing • Emotional Balance • Intuition

Highly protective and nurturing, Moonstone helps to calm and nurture like the soothing waves of the ocean, relieving emotional stress, worry and anxiety. A wonderful healer of the emotional body Moonstone encourages stability and inner balance, allowing you to release and let go of things that no longer support you.

Moonstone teaches you to trust in the natural flow and rhythm of your life, what is yours will always be yours, so trust that you’re always provided for, without having to push or force anything in life, just surrender.

Moonstone helps to balance both female and male energies with it's nurturing feminine energy, it enhances intuition and empathy, allowing you to observe the hidden truths that reside in your depths, surfacing them to bring strong energies of creativity, encouragement and abundance to your life.

Moonstone’s empowering frequency gently reminds you to examine and think about the cycles in your life. Every moon cycle offers us the opportunity to observe the changes in our relationships, and to move higher on our spiritual journey, each passing moon cycle we are learning more about ourselves, gaining inner wisdom and self-awareness, while releasing and letting go of that in which no longer serves us.

Learn more about the meaning and healing properties of Moonstone


*Lemurian Myst From PureHeart Alchemy 

Lemurian represents our alignment to the great fertile waters of Mother Gaia. Engaging ourselves with Earth rhythms, entering our own magnetic current in union with ley lines. It provides a portal to attaining Peace with the Past, transmuting the pain of the Shadow-self while deepening our sense of belonging.

GUIDING ATTRIBUTE ~ Alignment Sensing our Cosmic Fertile Waters Alignment of the Spirit with Natural Cycles and Seasons Union to the central Egg of the Universe Connecting with the outpouring energies of Mother Earth’s crystal deposits Deepening our kinship with the raw materials of this planet’s energetic abundance

TOTEM ~ Sea Turtle Symbol of the Earth and ancient wisdom Invokes innocence and patience to slow down and pace yourself Emotional strength, feeling deeply Represents fertility

SCENT ~ fresh ocean-spray scent allows us to deepen our emotional connection and soft spicy notes brings us into our feeling centres

We ❤️ Lemurian in summer! This Myst is cooling and refreshing when the hot winds are blowing, or down at the beach to rehydrate the skin after a swim.

We ❤️ to use also if we are ever drained or depleted mentally or emotionally. It brings juicy sustenance and hydrates and plumps up the auric field > an Emo-H2O!

INGREDIENTS ~ Love, Wild Spring Water, Biodynamic Flower and Gemstone Essences, Organic Vodka, Organic Solubiliser (Coconut and Almond), 24K Gold Ormus, Potentiated Crystals Flower Essences Blue Lily ~ Monkshood ~ Shedrake ~ Acacia Essential Oils Grapefruit ~ Lime ~ Cape Rose Geranium ~ Lavender ~ Elemi ~ Oak Moss ~ Honey Myrtle ~ Honey Suckle ~ Patchouli 100mls

* NOTE: Caution should be used during pregnancy - please seek advice from your health professional before use of essential oils

Mahalo Mumma Pack is handmade and hand-picked by us at House Of Aloha, it comes gifted boxed with a personalised card ready to be gifted.

We aim to have your order shipped within 2 business days. As all of our jewellery is handmade occasionally it can take a little longer.

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