Mahalo Gratitude Bracelet

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  • Introducing our Mahalo Gratitude Bracelet

    Mahalo is Hawaiian for giving thanks and gratitude 🌺🌺🌺

    The Importance and practice of gratitude is more important than ever, it helps you to deal with adversity and acknowledge & honour the good within your life, helping to raise your personal vibration, which has a profound and positive Impact on the vibration of the world around you.

    Mahalo Gratitude Bracelet was designed to remind you of the blessings you already behold and to remind you that you too are a blessing to this world, Mahalo 🌺💖


    Chrysocolla, Moonstone, Pink Opal, Pink Tourmaline


    Wear me for




    Emotional Release

    Self Love


    Pink Tourmaline

    Compassion - Self Love - Joy

    Pink Tourmaline opens and balances the Heart Chakra, it delivers pure love, compassion and happiness, it’s nurturing energies enhances self love & compassion, allowing you to release and let go of old limiting ways that no longer serve you, allowing you to rediscover your passion for life when the spark has been lost, whilst helping you to find courage within to live a heart based life.


    Truth - Self-Confidence - Harmony

    The goddess stone for true expression, clear communication and for powerful feminine energies. Chrysocolla helps to stimulate the throat chakra by releasing fear-based energies to help you express your truth with clarity, whilst harmonising and balancing the heart chakra for deeper self-connection.

    Chrysocolla assists in the release of anxiety, stress and other fear-based imbalances in one's body. Reducing mental tensions and dispelling fiery energies. Chrysocolla helps attune to the vibrations of the earth for greater life force and physical vitality.

    Pink Opal

    Emotional Healing - Self-Awareness - Nurturing

    Soothing and tranquil, Pink Opal guides you to look within and strengthen your connection to self, it’s self-healing and activates and unlocks the heart chakra.

    The stone for emotional healing, emotional balance and for healing matters of the heart, Pink Opal fills your aura with peaceful energies, whilst delivering calm and harmony to your entire mind, body and soul.

    Pink Opal is also useful when you need to let go of things that no longer serve you, giving you insight and guidance into ways to enhance your emotional, spiritual and intuitive self.


    Nurturing - Emotional Balance - Intuition

    Highly protective and nurturing, Moonstone helps to calm and nurture like the soothing waves of the ocean, relieving emotional stress, anxiety and emotional instability. Moonstone also brings strong energies of encouragement and abundance to your life.

    Moonstone teaches you to trust in the natural flow and rhythm of your life, what is yours will always be yours, so trust that you’re always provided for, without having to push or force anything in life.

    Moonstone helps to balance both female and male energies with it's nurturing feminine energy, it enhances intuition and empathy and calms reaction to emotional triggers.

    Details - 2mm faceted Pink Tourmaline, 2mm Chrysocolla, 4mm Pink Opal, 4mm Faceted Moonstone, 2mm Sterling Silver Beads & Sterling Silver findings.