Lōkahi - Anklet For Harmony


Harmony - Alignment - Balance

Lōkahi - Hawaiian for Harmony - Living in harmony begins with Inner Peace & harmony, cultivating Inner harmony, is living a life of truth and authenticity, letting go of attachments for how things need to be, or should be, allowing flow, balance and alignment to occur with acceptance and grace.



Tranquility - Harmony - Balance

Soothing & comforting, Amethyst is a powerhouse for delivering calmness, tranquillity & Inner peace & harmony. Amethyst soothes & balances the mind by working on & stimulating the neural signals which helps eliminate negative thought processes, making it highly beneficial for a worried, obsessive or overactive mind.

Amethyst’s healing qualities help to enhance Inner strength & personal will, which helps you to find your centre especially if you’re going through phases of feeling overwhelmed & anxious.


Protective - Calming - Self Belief

A stone for self discovery & self awareness, labradorite has the ability to reawaken dormant part within us, it’s soothing energies help to banish fear & Insecurities, whilst strengthening self assurance, allowing the unique magic you as an Individual behold resurface & have been gifted to share & offer with the world.

Labradorite teaches you to honour your uniqueness, that the magic is always within you, you are the magic, understanding & honouring this allows success & abundance in all areas of your life possible.


Details - 2mm Matte Clear Quartz Beads, 3mm Faceted Amethyst & Labradorite Beads, 2mm Sterling Silver Beads & Sterling Silver Findings.