Libra mens Zodiac Bracelet
Libra mens healing Zodiac Bracelet
Libra mens Zodiac Bracelet for healing
Libra mens crystal Zodiac Bracelet
Libra mens healing crystal Zodiac Bracelet
Libra mens healing Zodiac Bracelet

Libra Zodiac Bracelet with Wooden Beads

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September 23 - October 22

Ruled by Venus, the planet that governs beauty and love, which amplifies these qualities in a Librarian. You are kind and compassionate, you believe in harmony and fairness for all and honesty, you just want everyone to hold hands and get along, however with the need to make everyone happy, you tend to neglect what is needed for yourself and can feel unfulfilled and resentful at times. Your imagination is your greatest gift, with the ability to literally imagine your desires into existence, allowing you to live in alignment with your heart and souls purposes. With Air as your Element, you are carefree, lighthearted and often have your head up in the clouds, which isn’t always a bad thing, it’s where your limitless imagination is inspired.

Aventurine, Clear Quartz and Rainbow Fluorite combined support and encourage your imagination while allowing you to focus on what’s needed to fill your own cup, so feelings of neglect aren’t felt.

Aventurine • Emotional Harmony • Abundance • New Beginnings

Clear Quartz • Healing • Hearts Purpose • Guidance

Rainbow Fluorite • Mental Clarity • Focus • Positivity

Affirmation - I openly receive love graciously, I honour my own needs as much as I do the needs of others, I am reminded that the balance of give and take in all aspects of my life allows me to fulfil my hearts desires


  • 6mm Aventurine Bead
  • 6mm Rainbow Fluorite Beads
  • 6mm Clear Quartz Beads
  • 4mm Pyrite Rondelle Beads
  • 6mm Natural Wood Beads
  • Sterling Silver Findings

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