Larimar & Pearl Earrings

Larimar & Pearl Earrings - Elegant and a true expression of femininity, both crystals combined deliver soothing feminine energies to heal deeply & promote self-compassion.

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Earring drop
  • Larimar

    Soothing - Self-Expression - Balance

    Larimar is a powerful emotional healer that soothes, nurtures and helps to break down the walls that have been built up around the heart. Connected to goddess energies of both sea and sky it helps to attune feminine energies and reconnect to your own personal power, enhancing intuition and allowing you to receive with an open gracious heart.

    Larimar deepens our connection to nature reminding us that we are all one, strengthening peace, harmony and compassion for all.


    Emotional Harmony - Compassion - Self-Awareness

    Pearls pure and calming energies helps to balance emotions and opens your mind to help you find your heart's purpose in life, it cultivates your own inner wisdom and integrity and deepens self-love and compassion.