La Luna Love Moonstone & Crescent Moon Pendant Necklace

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Created to support and nurture you through life's ever-changing terrain, it teaches you to trust the process of life whilst connecting you to your intuition.

Wear Me For

Emotional Healing - Patience - New Beginnings - Intuition 

  • Moonstone

    Nurturing - Emotional Balance - Intuition

    Highly protective and nurturing, Moonstone helps to calm and nurture like the soothing waves of the ocean, relieving emotional stress, anxiety and emotional instability. Moonstone also brings strong energies of encouragement and abundance to your life.

    Moonstone teaches you to trust in the natural flow and rhythm of your life, what is yours will always be yours, so trust that you’re always provided for, without having to push or force anything in life.

    Moonstone helps to balance both female and male energies with it's nurturing feminine energy, it enhances intuition and empathy and calms reaction to emotional triggers.

    Crescent Horn Moon

    The Crescent Horn Moon Phase is the astrological symbol of the moon & alchemical symbol for silver, it protects & guides the beholder, evoking luck to birth new Ideas, personal strength & fertility for all that you desire to bring to your life.

    Learn more about Moonstone's Meaning & Healing Properties


    Details - 6mm Round Moonstone Bead, Sterling Silver Crescent Moon Pendant on a Sterling Silver Snake Chain.