I Am Worthy, Amazonite Double Terminated Pendant Necklace

Double Terminated Pendant

Double Terminated Pendants allow the energy & magic of the crystal to flow effortlessly both ways up & down like a double-ended arrow.

Double Terminated Pendants send as well as receive energy, which promotes psychic gifts & abilities while providing the beholder with balance.


Courage - Self-Worth - Inner Truth

Amazonite the stone of truth, clear communication and courage. Amazonite’s empowering energies help you to rediscover your own truth’s and integrity, while moving beyond self-limiting fears and judgement.

Amazonite soothes and comforts, it eliminates worries and fears while comforting and nurturing.

Amazonite promotes your freedom of self-expression, and self-awareness, allowing you to live in alignment with your values and beliefs, empowering you to set clear boundaries and stand in your truth.

Learn more about the meaning and healing properties of Amazonite


  • Double Terminated Amazonite Pendant
  • 925 Sterling Silver Loop Chain & Findings
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