Clearing Bundle

Clearing & New Blessings Bundle

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Clear Quartz

Gives you an instant lift, it’s high vibrational energy is known as a master healer, which harmonises all the chakras, removing inner negativity whilst stimulating positive thoughts and feelings.


Is known as “physical white light” it’s composed entirely of etheric white light and will deter any and all negativity, it is also useful for clearing energetic blockages to allow smooth energy flow.

Palo Santo

Also known as holy wood, native to Peru is known for it's cleansing & healing properties & keeping energies clear & grounded. It up-lifts & helps to raise your vibration, whilst calming the nervous system delivering relief from headaches, stress, anxiety, depression, asthma & emotional stresses.

To use Palo Santo sticks, Simply place the end of the stick over a strong flame for approx 15 seconds or until a flame starts, blow out the flame and the smoke will form, use the smoke to cleanse and purify yourself, your surroundings or whenever you feel you need to remove some Negative Juju.

(We recommend a candle not a lighter or matches for safety and kiddies this is one for the grown-ups to be in charge of)

Turkey Feather

The Turkey spirit connects you to Mother Earths Abundant energies, reminding you that you are abundant on every level and you are always provided for. Turkey is a powerful guide to unlocking the fullness of life to seek true happiness.

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