Azurite & Pearl Bracelet

Bracelet Size

    Knowing - Clarity - Self Expression

    Azurites balancing vibration unifies your intuition, heart and mind, whilst stimulating creativity, helping you to be guided by your Inner wisdom and knowing. Azurite delivers focus and concentration, clearing the mind of stress and negative thought patterns, allowing you to see with clarity and truth.

    Azurite is especially beneficial if you find it hard to communicate your own needs and desires, it gently balances both heart & throat chakras, allowing clear, truthful communication & heart felt self expression to shine through.


    Self Love - Purity - Trusting The Process Of Life

     Purity & Innocence is the true essence of the Pearl, it has a highly protective energy that delivers a sense of security & acceptance, whilst grounding you in times of uncertainty & Chaos,

    Pearls pure and calming energies helps to balance emotions, it opens your heart & mind to help you find your heart's purpose in life, cultivating your own inner wisdom and integrity.

    The Pearl teaches you what unconditional love truly means, by deepening your sense of self love, allowing you to give love more freely to self and then to others from a space of selflessness and compassion.

    • 2.5mm faceted Azurite Beads
    • 4mm Pearl
    • Sterling Silver Findings