Apophyllite Cluster

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Soothing and nurturing Apophyllite encourages deep relaxation and tranquility, it releases suppressed emotions whilst comforting in times of high stressors and anxiety's. 

Apophyllite enhances your Intuition, allowing you to trust your Instincts, making your senses sharper, whilst strengthening the connection between your physical and spiritual self.

Apophyllite has a profound beneficial effect on the mind, it helps to Identify negative thought patterns to make you more aware of what can be holding you back in life, whilst it's calming energies soothes and releases mental blockages and confusion, allowing decision making and clear thinking possible. 

Apophyllite activates and opens your heart Chakra, enabling you to give and receive love unconditionally, it heals past heart aches whilst enhancing the ability to feel and receive joy and abundance in your life.


Details - 194mm x 120mm x 140mm - Weight 1217 Grams