Wooden anxiety bracelet
Wooden anxiety bracelet unisex
Wooden anxiety unisex  bracelet
Wooden anxiety healing crystal bracelet
Wooden anxiety healing bracelet

Anxiety Bracelet with Wooden Beads

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  • Handmade by us on the sunshine coast
  • Gift boxed complete with meaning card
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Anxiety Support Bracelet

A healing anxiety support bracelet using specially chosen crystals to remind you that you are so much more than your anxieties, feel what comes up, but keep stepping. You are alive, your heart is beating and you have a purpose to share with this world, don’t let anxiety rob you of experiencing and sharing all that you truly are.


• Self-confidence • Harmony • Emotional Balance

A stone of calm and inner peace, that promotes unconditional love, Prehnite’s soothing energies dissolve fears and anxieties, allowing the beholder to live life from their heart space with confidence, whilst embracing the beauty of being in the present moment. Prehnite helps to release deep-seated fears that can hold you back in life, it delivers healing to the root of the problems that cause such fears, allowing healing and release to occur naturally.


• Self-awareness • Self-expression • Calming

Stone of self-awareness, Howlite will give you the gift of wisdom and enlightenment, it helps to strengthen your own will, allowing you to release unhealthy attachments and old emotional pains. Howlite’s soothing energies calms and softens anger and aggressiveness, restoring inner calm, self-acceptance and self-expression enabling you to express your needs more freely and more effectively.

Snowflake Obsidian

• Grounding • Protection • Balance

A powerful stone for protection and grounding, it balances the entire mind, body and spirit allowing you to find your centre by gently removing negativity within and around you. Its strengthening energies remind you just how capable and powerful you truly are, whilst easing an overactive, anxious or worried mind.

Anxiety Affirmation

I chose to live in this present moment with gratitude, I am stronger and braver than what my anxiety allows me to believe, I take 3 deep and meaningful breaths, reminding myself these feelings will pass, I am supported and I am so much more than my anxiety.


  • 6mm Snowflake Obsidian Bead
  • 6mm Howlite Beads
  • 6mm Prehnite Beads
  • 6mm Natural Wood Beads
  • Sterling Silver Findings

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