Anxiety support ladies healing bracelet
Anxiety Bracelet
Anxiety support  bracelet
Anxiety support healing bracelet
Anxiety support ladies healing bracelet
Anxiety support ladies healing bracelet
Anxiety support ladies healing crystal bracelet
Anxiety support ladies crystal bracelet
Anxiety support ladies healing crystal bracelet
Anxiety support healing bracelet
Anxiety support ladies bracelet

Anxiety Bracelet

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Anxiety Support Bracelet

A healing anxiety support bracelet using specially chosen crystals to remind you that you are so much more than your anxieties, feel what comes up, but keep stepping. You are alive, your heart is beating and you have a purpose to share with this world, don’t let anxiety rob you of experiencing and sharing all that you truly are.


• Soothing • Empowering • Self-awareness

Amazonite the stone of truth, clear communication and courage. Amazonite’s empowering energies help you to rediscover what truth is to you, whilst moving beyond self-limiting fears and judgement.

Amazonite soothes and comforts, it eliminates worries and fears while comforting and nurturing.

Amazonite promotes your freedom of self-expression, and self-awareness, allowing you to live in alignment with your values and beliefs, empowering you to set clear boundaries and live a life of truth and acceptance

Learn more about the meaning and healing properties of Amazonite

Blue Lace Agate

• Inner Calm • Emotional Balance • Stress Release

Blue Lace Agate helps you to express yourself and communicate with authenticity, freedom and honesty. Blue Lace Agate nurtures and calms, whilst delivering emotional healing patience and balance, removing negativity and feelings of lack, filling the heart with compassion and unconditional love and acceptance.

Blue Lace Agate gently eases and releases built-up stressors and anxieties, allowing inner harmony to take place, reminding you to breathe deeply when troubles or fears arise.


• Trust • Self-acceptance • Hope

A stone of trust, acceptance and nurturing, Lepidolite delivers hope during darker times, it amplifies self-worth, allowing you to release negativity within, so you can feel more centred, calm and balanced.

Lepidolite comforts you in times of stress, anxiety and depression, bringing you to a place of acceptance and trust, reminding you of all the good within you, that you are enough in every moment, even the darker ones.

Smoky Quartz

• Inner Strength • Courage • Grounding

Smoky Quartz has powerful grounding energies that help to dissolve stress and negative energies, its highly protective vibrations help to calm the body and mind, helping you to let go of worries and self-limiting thoughts and patterns, replacing them with hope, positivity and raised vibrations.

Smoky Quartz builds your self-assurance and self-acceptance by guiding you to do what is in your best interest always, it shows you your own unique strengths and power and encourages you to stand strong in truth.

Anxiety Affirmation

I chose to live in this present moment with gratitude, I am stronger and braver than what my anxiety allows me to believe, I take 3 deep and meaningful breaths, reminding myself these feelings will pass, I am supported and I am so much more than my anxiety.


  • 6mm Blue Lace Agate Bead
  • 4mm Lepidolite Beads
  • 4mm Amazonite Beads
  • 4mm Smoky Quartz Beads
  • 2mm Clear Quartz Beads
  • Sterling Silver Findings

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