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• Supportive • Harmonising • Grounding • Empowering

Agates vibration is all about harmony, balance and stability. Largely recognised as one of the oldest healing crystals found, Agate enables you to connect to earth's abundant energies to align and harmonise you spiritually and emotionally, whilst strengthening your entire being.

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• Tranquility • Intuition • Protection • Spiritual Connection

Amethyst is a powerhouse for delivering you calmness, tranquillity and inner peace. Amethyst soothes and balances the mind by working on and stimulating the neural signals which helps eliminate negative thought processes, making it highly beneficial for a worried, obsessive or overactive mind.

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• Truth • Nurturing • Courage

Amazonite the stone of truth and courage, it assists you in communicating your own truth, allowing you to fully embrace and acknowledge all that you are, whilst moving beyond self-limiting fears and judgement. Amazonite empowers you to discover your strengths and capabilities, whilst evoking the freedom of self-expression and self-discovery, allowing you to express yourself clearly and set strong boundaries with integrity, without fear of how others may perceive you.

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• Spiritual Connection • Manifestation • Inner Wisdom

A powerful stone for manifesting dreams into reality, Apatite stimulates your intellect and encourages creativity, while removing negativity and self-doubt, allowing you to come forth with your unique gifts and create from your inner wisdom and guidance.

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• Emotional Healing •  Courage •  Soothing

Ease and grace is the absolute embodiment of Aquamarines beautiful energies, that gently delivers rejuvenation and renewal to the entire mind, body and soul. If you need to go with the flow more, and trust life processes Aquamarine delivers you a good helping of Vitamin Sea, wearing it reminds you to ride the waves in life, that nothing in life is permeant and this to shall pass.

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• Spiritual Connection • Clarity • Healing • Protection

Clear Quartz is a stone of power that amplifies any energy for intention, enabling you to find your ultimate potential at all stages of life, it is infused with purpose which is particularly useful if you lack direction or feel lost in life, allowing you to acknowledge your unique gifts you have to offer the world.

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• Heart Healing • Unconditional Love • Self-acceptance

Emerald the stone of inspiration and pure love, her soothing loving energies opens and nurtures the heart and the heart chakra, providing healing and vitality whilst teaching you compassion and unconditional love. Emerald has a profound effect on the way you think, it delivers balance and rationality, which can be beneficial if your thought can hold you back from moving forward in you life.

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• Passion • Manifestation • Courage

Garnet is an excellent stone for manifestation, it assists in grounding your dreams into reality, bringing abundance, prosperity, realisation and purpose. Garnet assists in strengthening confidence, self-esteem, personal magnetism and inner strength, whilst boosting positive thoughts and eliminating negative and self-sabotaging thought patterns and actions.

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• Oneness • Healing • High Vibrational

Know as the stone for attunement, the Herkimer Diamond helps you to attune and adapt to any situation, even if it’s unfamiliar grounds, situations or new people, their reassuring energies work to put you at ease in these uncomfortable situations and support & guide you in the right direction.

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• Protective • Calming • Self-belief

Labradorite a stone of magic, she is the true catalyst for change and transformation, similar to a caterpillar that cocoons itself to become the butterfly, so too are the teachings that labradorite has to offer. She teaches you to honour your uniqueness, that the magic is always within you and you are the magic.

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• Emotional Balance • Intuitive • Nurturing • Femininity

Moonstone is a stone for protection and nurturing, its soft feminine energies soothe emotional stressors and anxiety, replacing them with hope, calm and encouragement. A strong healer of the emotional body Moonstone encourages emotional stability, allowing you to release and let go of things that don’t serve you anymore.

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• Love • Compassion • Self-acceptance • Heart Healing

Rose Quartz the stone of unconditional love, delivers peace, love, compassion and gentleness to your existence. Rose Quartz helps to release unexpressed emotions and heartache whilst opening the heart to give and receive pure unconditional love.

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• Courage • Passion • Vitality

A stone of royalty and wisdom, Ruby’s are one of four precious gemstones found, known for its rarity, value & hardness, they have been adorned for centuries in many civilisations for their beauty and many metaphysical healing properties.

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