You Have Purpose

You Have Purpose

I started to write this particular blog June of 2020, a few days after the untimely death of my Cousin Brian, I knew it was something within me that needed to be express, I stopped because I found it hard to put into words the importance of life purposes at an awful time such as this, yet his death was the very inspiration, the catalyst if you like of writing this blog and it holds importance because I feel a lot of people feel like their existence isn’t purposeful.

I wish he knew that he always held so much purpose within him, that he was so vital to this world, just by being himself. The ability he had to make us laugh, like I’m talking wetting our pants kind of laughter and his ability to hold such compassion and understanding for others were indeed his gifts and although he has left them for us all to remember him by, I often wonder if he ever knew how important those gifts were to us whilst he was here.

He might not of been a person with status by what society likes to categorise a person of importance should be, but he had purpose, he had gifts to share that only he could, just like we all do and that will look different and be different because, it should be!

What is Purpose????

I don’t believe purpose is a what, I believe it’s more of a who and that who is YOU, you and the gifts inside of you are the very definition of what purpose is and this world needs it in every moment of your very existence, even when you feel that the thought of finding or following your purpose is beyond the realm of knowing or capability.

We spend copious amounts of time searching outside of ourselves to find this all intriguing thing called purpose, so much in fact that we look at the happiness of other’s as a barometer to what true purpose might be and think, oh, that must be what my purpose should or could be too because they’re happy, they’re living from inspiration so that has to create that same happiness for me, surely….

Then we follow blindly on a path or many paths to attain that same happiness, only to bring us back around to that same very question, What Is My Purpose, what am I truly here for, because I still haven’t quite found that happiness or fulfilment on all these paths, yet never embodying the knowing that perhaps “I Am The Purpose” that what my heart calls for is indeed what I need to be following and that can’t and won’t ever be found outside of me.

Could you imagine living in a world with everyone having the same dreams, same occupations, same experiences, BORING!! but beyond boring how would we learn, how would we evolve and aspire for anything else, all we have is carbon copies of what we thought happiness and purpose entailed.

We have all been given something unique and special to offer whilst walking this earth, we need diversity in expertise, in personalities, in genders, in dreams and aspirations, without it this world just wouldn’t turn, truth.

I do believe we as individuals are gifted unique gifts to explore and to share, that it is solely up to us to dive deep enough to identify “What are the gifts I’ve come to gift this world” this is your purpose, to ask such questions that evokes your gaze inwards, rather than seeking external validation or guidance.

What a beautiful question of exploration & possibilities to entertain -

What are the gifts I’ve come to gift this world?

Here’s the thing, I think deep down most of us know what our purpose is or purposes in many cases for people that are called to live a life of exploratory, if we were to remove all the fears or denial we’ve built around understanding our heart pulls and what moves us joyfully with purpose, we would be able to access our knowing of purpose.

Your purposes can only be felt by you, it can’t be defined by others nor is it up to others to dictate how it should look or feel, that knowing is yours and yours alone.

So what stops us for embracing our purposes… In a nutshell FEAR

Fear of rejection, Fear of the people closest to us not understanding our purpose or our dreams, Fear of being labeled as something other than what we know is in our hearts, Fear of the how’s, the when’s the what if’s and the biggest fear of them all…

The Fear of stepping beyond what’s comfortable “The Know” never trusting in the “Unknown” where true growth and purpose thrive.

Fear disempowers the soul more than any other feeling, I think the most heartbreaking thing we can do is not honour our heart pulls, our purposes, our dreams and aspirations because we’re guided by a fear based mentality.

I am one of many purposes and I’ve known it from a very young age, but my purposes have always been to serve, I have been of service in the multiple healing modalities I’ve offered, in my coaching and writing and with the jewellery we create, everything has had the same alignment “To Be Of Service” and this is how I serve.

No it’s not saving lives so to speak, will it win me a Nobel Peace Prize? possibly not, but what I offer past, present and future is essential to the many I have been fortunate enough to cross paths with, but more importantly what I offer is essential for ME, this is my souls work, this is my purpose and even on days that have been tough and I’ve also doubted myself and what I have to offer, I am grateful for this awareness, my soul always knows beyond my fears that arise.

I have lived through my purposes and still navigating through new paths on my purpose whilst working through my own barriers of awareness and the fears that pop in and say hello, because in all honesty in can be a scary place at times, a lot of people don’t understand it and will try to discourage you along the way based on their own fears and lack of self awareness.

Being a practitioner in the realm of healing, I have come across so many people that would say to me, once this part or that part within them is heal or fixed or when I have all my ducks in a row than everything will fall into place and my purpose will present itself….

You heal by living your purpose and by sharing that purpose with the world!!

Not the other way around, yet so many feel like we need healing before we will find our purpose in life or we have the capability to follow our purpose, it is so far removed form the truth, your purpose is to share your life as you are right now, to follow your own heart pulls, to navigate through your experiences from your own view point, you will never be more capable of finding your purpose in any other more healed version of yourself, you have access to that wisdom indefinitely and at any time, exactly as you are right now.

That form of healing is so empowering, it’s having the awareness that you might have reservations or doubts about what you feel you have to offer, yet here’s my gifts world, embrace them or reject them either way,


Woahhh, it’s literally giving your soul, your knowing a big old wink saying you’ve got this, regardless of how it’s perceived by others, it is so freeing, so liberating to take that kind of ownership of your purpose and heart pulls, unapologetically.

Your purpose is wholly to understand “That You Have Purpose”, in every way you show up in your own life, every day, regardless of how insignificant you might feel at times, you have true purpose and if on some days it’s only to share your smile with this world, share your smile in the knowing that that it is a beautiful gift and it will positively impact everyone you share it with.

You Have Purpose 

Much Aloha, Nat x