Living In True Wholeness

Living In True Wholeness

Nothing will seperate you more from fully embodying this human experience than to categorise your very existence in high vibe / low vibe comparisons 😳😳

You are no less when you’re processing the heaviness of hurt and grief nor or you more when you’re experiencing love, joy and happiness.

You are whole and complete, PERIOD!!

You can still be a positive half cup full kinda person and still go through times of deep sadness, why, because that’s what this human experience is all about 🤔🤔

Everything you’ve been presented with is a part of your journey, it holds wisdom & valuable teachings, it’s essential to how you grown and evolve, all of it, not just the sparkly parts, to not honour these times of grief, sadness, loss or to label them as low vibe suggests that we are coming from a place of negativity by feeling or processing these experiences & it’s absolute bs….

Invalidating your true experience or suppression of feelings in order to fit into this so called “high vibe” image doesn’t do yourself or others a justice, what it does is create additional shame and separation, suggesting that only parts of your existence are worth acknowledging.

We move through the journey of healing through acknowledgment, self compassion and acceptance, not from fragmentation, avoidance or by shaming yourself and others into conditional worthiness

True Healing begins when we stop burying these times of heaviness underneath layers of shame, guilt or lack in order to show up in this world as removed from anything that’s perceived as “low vibe” or “negative”