Manifestation & The Truth About Receiving

Manifestation & The Truth About Receiving

Oh, one of our favourite words here at House Of Aloha and most definitely a word of the moment.

Put very simply, too manifest, is to willingly draw your hearts desires into reality.

But how many out there honestly know what our hearts desires truly are?

Do you give yourself time and space to truly connect to what your heart desires?

Or are you focusing and driven more on what others have or what you’ve been conditioned to think and live for?

I ask you these important questions before we start talking more about manifestation because if you’re not living in alignment with your own hearts desires, how can manifestation really happen?

Manifestation goes far beyond buying some sage, candles, crystals etc, performing a ritual and crossing your fingers that everything you want will magically appear.

Like most things, manifesting is truly an inside job, your thoughts, words, intentions and beliefs all play a massive role in manifestation. Manifesting with intention is more about what your internal dialogue and what your daily habits are actually supporting, you have no idea just how powerful your thoughts and actions are, you are literally the pilot of your life and dreams, we are all so incredibly powerful, but have so very little belief in self and our capabilities.

Here’s a few questions for you that will possibly tap into why manifesting isn’t flowing...

  • Do you feel worthy of your hearts desires?
  • Do you truly believe you deserve whatever it is you are trying to manifest?
  • Are your thoughts and actions aligned with what you’re trying to create within your life?

Addressing those beliefs are more beneficial for manifesting than anything.

Two things I believe allow manifestation to flow more effortlessly

  1. Gratitude

    Nothing flows better to existence than to one that is in a state of gratitude, having complete gratitude for what amazing things you have already in your life, create’s a ripple effect, those feelings of gratitude raise your personal vibration, allowing you to draw more of what you are wanting more effortlessly.

  2. Focus

    Focusing on what you desire, not on what you don’t want is an absolute MUST, we’ve seen it all too often, people focusing more on what they don’t want in life, and like a magnet, it gets drawn into existence, consciously you might think that in by saying what you aren’t wanting, that what you are trying to manifest should come right??

    Nope, quite the opposite, in fact, it gives the universe very mixed messages, making true manifestation nearly impossible, subconsciously your energy and intension’s are manifesting what you don’t want, your thoughts and intentions are still focusing on the want nots.

So, it’s time not to give what you don’t want another thought, focus and be grateful for what you want and you know is coming, because you’re worthy of your hearts desires, it’s time to tune into those frequencies and realise the magnitude of your thoughts.

We get people constantly asking us for help to chose which crystal is best for manifestation and abundance and don’t get me wrong, there are loads out there with the magic to help you manifest and draw in your hearts desires. However, we usually guide them to select crystals to help them do the inside work also - eg help with self-belief, self-worth, confidence, life’s purpose, letting go of what no longer serves them and unconditional love. We believe in working from the inside out and healing these aspects first, then manifestation and abundance will flow more naturally, it is your birthright.

Energy flows where intention goes, so be very very clear on exactly what it is you desire, your mind has the ability to literally create your reality, so think big, connect to what your heart is calling for and most importantly, know your worthy and deserving of all you desire.

Wishing you your hearts desires, happy manifesting xx