Honouring your path through times of Anxiety and Depression

Honouring your path through times of Anxiety and Depression

Put simply, having Anxiety is living to forward in the future, and depression is living in past tenses, however, there is nothing simple when living with either and even worse when trying to live with both at the same time, both conditions can be depilating, crippling and stop you living in general, merely existing in a world that keeps turning without you truly participating. Causes of both anxiety and depression can be contributed to a combination of things, psychological, biological and social sources of distress, especially in this instant gratification modern world we’re living in.

Anxiety and depression have been a large part of my journey here on earth, my entire 20’s through to my early 30’s were trying to combat both conditions, I would have paid or done anything to feel “normal”. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work like that and in hindsight, where I am now in life, without these battles I wouldn’t be able to do what I do and truly understand what others are going through, it’s a gift granted after so many years of struggle and self-defeat.

Both anxiety and depression disorders don’t discriminate, they can arise at any time in life and no one is immune. Certain factors in life can trigger either condition, I know with my own experiences with both they arose when I wasn’t aligned with living a life of truth and purpose, living a life that didn’t serve my higher good, I had relationships that didn’t feed my soul, I was physically, mentally and emotional “unwell” and felt powerless to take the right steps to change any of the factors (hence both conditions arising at once) not that I could see it while amid haze, but it’s 100% reality of my experiences.

Medication was never an option for me (and I have total honour and respect for others that chose medication if it helps them to get up each day, this is NOT an anti-medication post!). For me, I knew that it wasn’t about numbing the process, yet feeling it all to heal and grow through this journey, and now to share with many others today through our business and healing practices.

So, how do crystals help you through these processes?

Firstly, do we believe crystals will fix or cure mental illnesses? no. Do they help you to find calm within the chaos? absolutely. Any mental illnesses need to be dealt with professionally and that will look different to everyone, but crystals can support you along your journey in many ways and it’s something I used personally on my journey and still today along with connecting back to my own breath, I had to literally learn how to breathe Intentionally not just on auto pilot and I highly recommend if you're struggling with anxiety to find some breath work exercises to help you along the way also.

The mineral world has so much magic to offer especially when it comes to combating and supporting mental illnesses, I seriously don’t even know where to start because I’ve found that there are so many crystals that can help you with just that, but today I’m going to talk very briefly about a few of my favourite crystals to help support you through this journey.

Anyone that’s had or is having anxiety or panic attacks would probably agree that the mind has already run out ahead of itself, creating scenarios that aren’t, in fact happening, leaving the body in a state of worry and panic of events that haven’t even unfolded as yet. So, the way that I see it, the crystals we recommend are about delivering that balance and peace back to the mind, to allow you to live in the present, the here and now, because that's all that we truly have, the past is gone and the future is yet to come.

Depression is about living in the past or living with the notion that you are stuck, stagnate and feel powerless to step forward with confidence in your life. The crystals we recommend for supporting you through times of depression are all about releasing self-limiting thoughts, patterns and ways that no longer serve you, to empower you to step forward and be seen in your life and to remember the unique magic you behold, that no one here on earth is like you, and the world needs you to be here in the living and present moment.


Amazonite the stone of truth, clear communication and courage. Amazonite’s empowering energies help you to rediscover what truth is to you, whilst moving beyond self-limiting fears and judgement. Amazonite soothes and comforts, it eliminates worries and fears while comforting and nurturing.

Amazonite promotes your freedom of self-expression, and self-awareness, allowing you to live in alignment with your values and beliefs, empowering you to set clear boundaries and live a life of truth and acceptance.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate helps you to express yourself and communicate with authenticity, freedom and honesty. Blue Lace Agate nurtures and calms, whilst delivering emotional healing patience and balance, removing negativity and feelings of lack, filling the heart with compassion and unconditional love and acceptance.

Blue Lace Agate gently eases and releases built-up stressors and anxieties, allowing inner harmony to take place, reminding you to breathe deeply when troubles or fears arise.

Black Tourmaline

A stone of grounding and strength, Black Tourmaline’s grounding energies allow you to feel centred and calm, it releases built-up tension and stressors, allowing you to feel more powerful and secure within. Black Tourmaline is exceptional for dispelling fears, obsessions, addictive patterns and delivers emotional stability, allowing you to release negative conditioning and self-limiting behaviours, enabling you to feel more motivated, self-assured and empowered.

Green Aventurine

An all-around healer that enhances wellbeing, inner harmony and emotional stability, Green Aventurine enhances optimism, self-confidence and positivity, allowing you to be in control of your emotions and trust your capabilities and strengths.


Stone of self-awareness, Howlite will give you the gift of wisdom and enlightenment, it helps to strengthen your own will, allowing you to release unhealthy attachments and old emotional pains. Howlite’s soothing energies calm and soften anger and aggressiveness, restoring inner calm, self-acceptance and self-expression enabling you to express your needs more freely and more effectively.


A stone of trust, acceptance and nurturing, Lepidolite delivers hope during darker times, it amplifies self-worth, allowing you to release negativity within, so you can feel more centred, calm and balanced. Lepidolite comforts you in times of stress, anxiety and depression, bringing you to a place of acceptance and trust, reminding you of all the good within you, that you are enough in every moment, even the darker ones.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow Fluorite a stone of protection, used to manifest your life's purpose, incorporates structure and motivation into your daily life. Rainbow Fluorite increases self-confidence and helps to eliminate fixed ideas, dissolving illusions to reveal truth and guidance. Rainbow Fluorite’s peaceful energy delivers clarity and calm to an over-stressed mind, it promotes deep relaxation and helps to cleanse and stabilise your aura, protecting you from negative energies around you.


A stone of calm and inner peace, that promotes unconditional love, Prehnite’s soothing energies dissolve fear and anxieties, allowing the beholder to live life from their heart space with confidence, whilst embracing the beauty of being in the present moment. Prehnite helps to release deep-seated fears that can hold you back in life, it delivers healing to the root of the problems that cause such fears, allowing healing and release to occur naturally.


A stone for the mind, Sodalite calms and restores tranquillity to an overactive mind, it eliminates mental exhaustion, confusion and thought blockages, allowing a busy mind to find peace, whilst delivering clarity to internal thoughts and feelings, allowing you to see things rationally and for what they are for, whilst removing false illusions. Sodalite balances emotions and calms nervous energies within, allowing you to feel more confident and self-aware.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz has powerful grounding energies that help to dissolve stress and negative energies, its highly protective vibrations help to calm the body and mind, helping you to let go of worries and self-limiting thoughts and patterns, replacing them with hope, positivity and raised vibrations.

Smoky Quartz builds your self-assurance and self-acceptance by guiding you to do what is in your best interest always, it shows you your own unique strengths and power and encourages you to stand strong in truth.

Take-home advice from a very long and personal blog....

This is your journey, there will be many out there thinking they have the answers all wrapped up for you, they don’t and neither do we, however after living a large part of my adult life with both, there is light, and it's not at the end of any tunnel, it is YOU!!

You need to feel what arises, why it arises and understand that you are more than capable of living through and beyond any limitation, you need to connect with what brings you that spark of joy, no matter what that is and understand you are deserving of living a beautiful life, free from any “illness”.

Reach out, have a conservation with someone for support, I wish I did many years ago instead of living in fear and shame of what I was dealing with everyday. If there is just one thing you take from all of this, there is no shame and you are not any less of a person going through these struggles, know that you are so much more than your anxiety or any mental illness you are facing, SO MUCH MORE xx